Hate Squad

01. Deep Scars
02. Katharsis
03. Your Rotten Life
04. The One
05. Hatebomb
06. A.P.A.B.
07. Misanthropic Soul
08. Vicious Assault
09. Old Times ... Good Times!
10. Kill
11. R3volution15t
12. Face Your Demon
13. Live and Learn
14. Traitor Scum (Digipack bonus)
15. Every Second Counts 2011 (Digipack bonus)

Burkhard Schmitt – vocals
Mark Künnemann – guitars
Bauke De Groot – bass
Helge Dolgener – drums

1994 Theater Of Hate
1995 I.Q. Zero
1997 Pzyco!
2004 H8 For The Masses
2008 Degüello Wartunes

Produced by Ralf Müller & Hate Squad
Recorded & mixed by Ralf Müller at Rape of Harmonies studios (Germany)
Mastered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk (Hamburg)
Front cover by Tobias Huber (Nürnberg)
Booklet artwork and layout by Hiko Kramer (Hamburg)

Released 28/10-2011
Reviewed 7/12-2011


A Squad of haters are back with their sixth album to bring a tragedy to the earth with the cleansing powers of the greek tragedy written by the ancient philosopher Aristotle. Katharsis or Catharsis as it is in english means purging or cleansing, it is sometimes used as cleansing from tragedy as in the works of philosopher Aristotle. Hate Squad are said to be a frontrunner of the past when it comes to the hardcore Thrash/Death Metal combination that is also sometimes known as groove metal, they are said be be a source of inspiration to many young bands in the same genre. The question is now wether Hate Squad stays ahead or falls behind these young bands that they once inspired. The review we have of the 2008 album Degüello Wartunes seem to suggest that it is not the case as it was really well received by our reviewer back then. Sure, that guy is no longer contributing material for the zine but guess I can deliver a review just as well, here goes:

Groove extreme metal with a spice of hardcore and aggression, they have a vocalist with quite a decent growly range as well I would say. Thing is though that I think their music sounds about like most other bands in the genre, what was once unique has now become a common thing which is something that has placed Hate Squad a bit down from the forefront of the innovative part of the music. They are a tight band though and the production reeks of experience as well as know-how which gives them a sound that is amongst the top names in the genre. The sense of aggression and hate is ever present so to speak, groovy extreme metal is probably the best description of what you will hear when you listen to this album. The album has fifteen tracks if you have the digipak, two of those are bonus tracks, and that version plays for little over 56 minutes while the regular edition plays two songs shorter.

It opens with a nice acoustic piece that reminds of the California where Zorro used to make life miserable for the bad guys, it is a great piece making you adjust your hat slightly to appear a little cooler than you are. It then moves into the album’s title track which is a mayhem of energy and grooviness, it is also the track where the album really comes to force because the following tracks feels quite pale in comparison. I would not say that those tracks are poor but they are not as good as the title track and it feels a bit like they are much energy but no direction, like being lost in the desert and running furiously round in circles until you drop dead from exhaustion and water depravation and also possibly heat stroke. It goes on like that for a while until the final track, on the digi edition that is, Every Second Counts which is another one of those groovy tracks that grabs you and shakes you and it has a direction making so much better than the other tracks.

I should say though that it might sound like I disprove of the tracks I do not mention but that is not the case, they are good to listen to but they do not have that final touch that makes Katharsis or the ending track to the great tracks they are. So I would say that there are glimpses of brilliance in an otherwise good album, so it is not difficult to approve this album, it may not be of the forefront and groundbreaking but it is classical Hate Squad and it sounds good even though I would say that they have been passed by other bands in the genre nowadays but as it is every despot have to be dethroned some time.

So a good album which is a little bit out of direction for most part of the album but when they find their bearings they are brilliant, two tracks are magnificent and one intro is great the other twelve tracks are good. So easily approved and well worth listening to if you like this kind of music, Every Second Counts is a stroke of genius and that is a track I probably will return to, the same goes for the excellent title track. To end this review I would state that this is a good album with some touches of brilliance.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Disbelief/Heaven Shall Brun/Maroon
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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