Hardcore Circus
Wakeup Call

1. She Goes Down
2. Queen Of Dirt
3. Under My Skin
4. Who I Am
5. Life
6. Hardcore Circus
7. Wake Up Call
8. Pain
9. Tattooed Junkie
10. Miracle

Jorgen Bolmstad (Vocals, guitars)
Joakim Bloohm (Drums)
Nalley Pahlsson (Bass)
C.J. Grimmark (Guitars)


Mats Levén (vocals)

The album is recorded, mixed and produced by J.Bloohm & J.Bolmstad at Yokel Studio & Topz Recording Studio and mastered by Classe Persson CRP Recording.
Cover artwork and layout by Joakim Bloohm & Jorgen Bolmstad

Released 3/12-2010
Reviewed 17/6-2011

silverside records

By the shift from 80's to 90's the American hard rock was at its peak. It was before the grunge had blackened the entire music scene and painted everything black and grey making it depressing and slow. For over a decade we've suffered from how the hard rock scene developed from there but before this bands like WASP, Mötley Crüe and Guns 'n' Roses ruled the scene with their fast and furious sleaze rock that had a lot of attitude and power which haven't really been seen in more than the odd case since then and therefore it feels so nice every time a band playing this kind of music appears. Especially when they do it well.

Hardcore Circus plays typical American hard rock despite the rarity of doing it. A reason for that might be that they are from Sweden where these four guys have worked together with lots of big names both on this release and before. The members themselves have a strong CV containing names like Therion, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Narnia, Rock Rock and Randy Piper's Animal. Unfortunately this album never flies higher than the moment in which it is. I can't really say there is anything within the music that grabs hold of you and put post-its on the insides of your head to make you remember it. And to give you a startling feeling of remembering something you shouldn't have forgotten and therefore blow out a big "SHIT!" before you run 45 miles barefoot to pick up your kids at an orphanarium/day care centre three hours too late or something else that kind of extreme you can relate to in your subconscious. I think the songs and music in themselves are powerful and entertaining while they last and I think that if you buy the album you'll end up with an album that stays in the record shelf for a year of half a year or the full year between the times you play it but every time you do you'll think "damn how great this album is! How come I don't play it more often?" and you'll end up playing it a few times - maybe three or four or five - before you'll put it back in the shelf and forgets about it for another half or full year.

So what's the big problem then? Well, apparent mistakes are not easy to spot. I can't really come up with anything that feels like a big turn off or simply bad. It simply not just delivering something to be remembered by. At least not very long. It just sound to... common. And ordinary. Pretty much as something already done before, somehow. Instrumentally it's good. Guitars, bass and drums are played excellent. They are like a gang of virtuosos that never really freaks out completely. I especially like the guitars - they are really good! But vocally is where this album loose most points and it doesn't help that Mats Levén has sold his voice to the band because he seems to come at an extra low price. You can barely hear him at all.

This album have a huge dose of sleaze and rock 'n' roll in it and the melodies comes mainly from heaviness and power and not as much from haute couture. The melodies are simple and rocky, pretty hard and also pretty much straight to the point. Like a a court typist that has drank too much coffee or something else similar strange and stupid that sound illogical and yet reasonable.

I concur with most reviewers I've seen review this album. It's a good record, but it's only good as long as it keeps playing. I don't really know why it never light my fire, even though it makes me happy for the moment, the erection never last. It just stands there tall for as long as you keep it coming, the only apparent problem is the vocal part that's a bit dull. Otherwise it's a good album and the only conclusion I can draw is that the songs are not strong enough to maintain the interest. 'Wakeup Call' is probably not strong enough to make Americans forget their grunge fixation and stop feeling sorry for themselves at the same time as they do a positive depressed rock. This is real hard rock, but with this material it will not turn around a music industry that contradict it self. This band need to make songs that sticks with you because that is the only wakeup call that can make this music come back to life.


Label - Silverside Records/Connecting Music
Three similar bands- Oleander/Skid Row/Guns 'n' Roses
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm