Gordon Fights

1. As I please
2. Birds & flowers
3. I 'm gonna wait
4. Dance quite well
5. Brothers & sisters 3:08
6. Time machine
7. No rope around me
8. Little darling
9. Warrior
10. Parasite

Viktor Balkewitsch Persson - Vocals/guitar
Tobias Alpadie - Guitar
Patrik Engström - Bass
Anders Carlsson - Keyborads/Percussion
Rasmus Söderling - Drums/Percussion

EP Vol. 1 (2009)



Released 24/9-2011
Reviewed 8/9-2011


Last time I dealt with Gordon Fights I sought more creativity and more of an own identity for the band to show, lo and behold we were given a cover artwork. The band has also managed to muster up a logo and everything with authentic seventies styling, this seem to indicate that their creativity is limited to thinking up more of the seventies rock stylings. The cover and logo is not everything though, the music might be different and more individual this time.

Musically I think we should coin the genre retro rock as that is what it is all about, rock music in the style of the seventies, think Led Zeppelin and you are close to what Gordon Fights sound like. Originality is not a word I would use in conjuncture with this band or at least what they have done so far. The sound and look of this album is really authentic seventies and the only thing lacking is the sound of the needle against the vinyl record but I guess there is nothing wise about putting anything like that on a CD. I would say that compared to the EP they released in 2009, it is not much that is new besides a few songs of course. This debut album contains ten tracks and it is about 42 minutes long, the good thing about living in the past, the albums are shorter which is often good for me as a reviewer.

I would say that compared to the EP, this debut album is much more fun and much more better. Sure it is remarkably retro but I guess that is cool in a way, the songs on the album are mostly good but they kept some from the EP that wasn’t particularly great but the new songs are much better and they also kept the best from the EP as well. They do what they do well and even though the lack of new ideas are quite obvious, they show great skill in creating good songs and the album ends up being rather entertaining.

It is quite obvious where the band has borrowed their ideas and inspirations but when you listen to it you don’t really think in those terms as the songs are quite good and a good 40 minutes of entertainment. So if you are a fan of Led Zeppelin or if you believe that all good music was made in the seventies, then I am sure you will think this is the album of the year. If you are just looking for some good music to play along with friends or when driving around in your car, it may just be the thing for you as well. I think Gordon Fights self titled debut album is a quite successful album, maybe not the most innovative album in world but it is a good album nonetheless.



Label: Transubstans Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/Humble Pie
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
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