Backroads to Byzantium

1. Chronicled Deceit
2. Long Gone
3. Fade To Dust
4. Even If I Don't Know Where I'm Gonna Go
5. Don't Make Their Mistakes
6. Down And Out
7. Something She Knows
8. Two Wrongs
9. End Of The Line
10. Motions Of Time

Jackie Robinson – Vocals
Bat Kinane – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Pete Fisher – Guitars
Graham McClatchie – Bass
Des McEvoy – Drums

2006 Glyder
2008 Playground for Life
2010 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
2011 Black Pearl - A Collection of Rough Diamonds


Recorded in Bluebird Studios, 2011
Produced by Declan Lonergan and Glyder
Mixed by Peter Brander
artwork by Mark Wilkinson

Released 10/10-2011
Reviewed 1/11-2011


Glyding down the road in their very large truck which is featured on the album cover for this album. And all the while they go down the backroads to Byzantium they play this album by Glyder, which they find to be very good melodic rock for the road and so does their dangerous dog which they have placed back in the trailer next to the hay and they has a small electric fire in front of the back doors to keep the poor dangerous dog warm. The album cover art is quite well made but still promotes the same trucker image that we are given with the title of the album, that is something slightly worrying about that but as I hadn’t looked at artwork or anything else beforehand I of course listened to this album with an open mind. So, how about this trucker album for these Irish guys in the big truck? Is it anything to have? Read on and you’ll know.

Musically it is melodic rock for the road we are dealing with here, with easily digested rock tunes a classic rock voice and classical rock’n’roll riffing they will brighten up your journey. The production is as well oiled as a fresh Scania V8 engine which is working smoothly and brilliantly, there is really nothing to complain about coming to the production and the sound. The songs are classic rock build with catchy choruses and melodic riffs, however the music can not really be described as unique or innovative but music for the road doesn’t really have to be innovative, does it? The style is classic like a nod back to the era of the lovely vinyl disc and the playing time is also like that as the ten tracks will set you back 39 minutes or make 39 minutes of the journey fly by faster.

Easily accessible rock music that works well for the road, it is also music that works really well as background for any task. The backside to this is that it feels a tad simple in many respects and it may become a bit too simplistic to really listen to, the songs can tend to feel a bit repetitious when really listening to them. Another backside is that it does not really offer anything new or unique to the scene which is become evermore crowded. Still they do know their melodies and know how to create music that works well as you are driving or maybe doing manual labour which is of course nothing I ever do so I am just guessing about that.

Two songs stand out a bit from the rest and makes a lasting impression, one of them is the third track called Fade to Dust which is a catchy clever little thing that I like and the same goes for the track called Even if I Don’t Know Where I’m Gonna Go which sounds like a clever song for the road. But other than these two songs there is not that much memorable from this album, the songs are good but they just fly by much like a journey in the car and in the end you just don’t remember any of them as they are just simple good songs and nothing more and nothing that really catches your mind.

I do think that this album is for you truckers that like to listen to rock music while glyding through the countryside, it is also for you guys who are manual labourers and wants something rocky to have in the background while wasting your bodies on useless work. It is a good album but nothing mind boggling or world changing but 39 minutes of good songs which I can recommend for the long journey.


Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Three similar bands: Thunder/Gotthard/Y&T
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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