1. Mythomaniac
2. None Of Your Concern
3. Heart And Soul
4. Oblivion
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Rain
7. Suffering In Silence
8. Walls Of Secrets
9. Father spirit
10. Bleed
11. Into The Cradle
iTunes Bonus Track:
Best Of Times

Mike Andersson (Vocals)
Stefan Elmgren (Guitars)
CJ Grimmark (Guitars)
Tommy Larsson (Bass)
Anders Johansson (Drums)



Mixed by CJ Grimmark at Area 52 Studios
Art by Austin Pickrell & Rainer Kalwitz
Masterered by Peter In de Betou / Tailor Maid Productions

Released 23/6-2011
Reviewed 22/9-2011


With members that's played with Hammerfall, Narnia, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Cloudscape, Fullforce are promoted as a "all star band" that could burn every hay stack in Britain without even breaking a sweat. The label are very keen to push on that this is not a project, this is a real, full-time band! At least that's the idea, and so far everything seems good - right? They even have a leg opening for Edguy during the tour they're currently doing. Unfortunately I can't really say I get surprised by anything with the album. The band play some sort of partly progressive power metal with neo classical intentions and that's quite expected when you look at the people behind it. EVerything is quite expected actually.

To listen to 'One' is almost like travel ten years back in time and hear an album that merges everything from the power metal bands that released albums back then and then hit some sort of medium result out of this. There's the double base drums, high octane singing, fast guitars, atmospheric keyboards and some semi progressive elements in a sound that's otherwise quite simple. What's worst and what's best? I have no idea. What's new and creative and perhaps even a bit exciting then? Well, nothing actually. Worn out and dull then? Perhaps that I'm using the term power metal. It's quite simply put a hard rock album, played fast and sounding like a hard rock album usually sound. Everything sounds good, really everything - the instruments, the songs, the vocals and nothing distinguish itself from the rest. Nothing is extra good, nothing is extra bad - all the material is evenly strong and on an acceptable level.

Actually, I was lying a bit there. There are a few songs that are somewhat better than the rest, which are None Of Your Concern, Open Your Eyes and Heart And Soul. All three are somewhat better than the other songs, but I really don't think they distinguish themselves from the rest and the first five or six times I heard the album I didn't even reflect on these songs. The album almost seems to be quite shy when it comes to doing things that are notable. The songs doesn't sound very different from each other, despite the fact that they actually are pretty different. You even have these "spacey" image with a big planet on the cover and despite the fact that there are some "spacey" elements, the sound isn't very science-fiction-ish. Songs change their characteristic sound quite a lot and each song seems to be inspired by different countries folk music tunes, but you never really reflect on this because it's so toned down and almost hidden. But with the three songs mentioned above, Fullforce at least prove that they have another gear that they can use when they want, and that looks good for the future albums that we have been promised to get from this band. However, this time they sound too shy… like they don't dare to play their trump card and I hope they really go all the way the next time. These time they have the heaviness, the power, the atmosphere, the rhythm and the melodies and all of you that were too young or not aver enough of what came between 1997 and 2004 - here is your chance to relive most of it shrunk in to just one album. Sort of a best-of… isn't it?

I'm not really sure...

I don't get too impressed by this debut from Fullforce, but it is a good first album they've putted together. Not really strong enough to reach the big scores but still a steady strong four and I'm sure they have a bright future, since we've been promised to get one.


Label: SPV/Playground
Three similar bands: Hammerfall/Metalium/Dionysus
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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