Fearless Vampire Killers
The Blood Never Dries

1. ...
2. A Study In Dystopia
3. Bleed Till Sunrise
4. Concede, Repent, Destroy
5. Fetish For the Finite

Kier Kemp - Vox/Rhythm Guitar
Laurence Beveridge - Vox/rhythm guitar
Drew Woolnough - Bass/ Vox
Shane Sumner - Lead Guitar/ Vox
Nick Hill - Drums

In Grandomina (EP)


Mixed at Outhouse studios by James Billinge and John Mitchell

Released 22/8-2011
Reviewed 31/7-2011


Looking at Fearless Vampire Killers one quickly understand that it can mean at least one of three things if you use the internet’s most used search engine to search that particular phrase. It is a movie by Roman Polanski which was unveiled to the world in 1967, for those into movie trivia it was actually originally titled Dance of the Vampires. It can also be an australian rock band from Melbourne which I have never heard of before searching. It can also be a british band who was the one that sent me their music to review, what they did not send was a promo sheet that said anything good, like who are in the band and a discography and those pieces of information that I as a reviewer want. I got a good biography which I have very little use for in this review, one or two things I have found in it has come to use but not much. I say this as a hint for anyone sending us music, please send information with bandmembers and discography at least so that I don’t have to look all over the web for the names of the ones in the band, I found their names on a video site, I know it is that band as the name of one vocalist is said to have written the E-book that is to accompany the EP is mentioned in the info sheet I got from the band or if I found it on the official website I don’t remember. Anyway, the info to the left might not be as correct as it usually is so don’t pay too much attention to it.

But lets now get to the point of this british vampire killers with several dead vampires on their record. They are possibly a quinted of young british musicians who proclaim themselves as playing death pop, whatever that is. I think when listening to it that it resembles the genre that some refer to as post hardcore, a bit like for instance Weezer but at the same time not. They mix many influences into a magic pot of music that is being stirred together into a sound that can be described as somewhat unique while everything still feels familiar. Production and sound are adequate and what you can expect really, the vocals are mainly clean with some death growls thrown in here and there. Music is catchy in a poppy rock kind of way with very much focus on making sing-along choruses and having a very modern clean rock sound. There are five tracks on the EP where one is an intro making it only four songs that can be called songs. It will set you back less than fifteen minutes to play the thing sitting down doing nothing, not that much to be honest.

I do think that they are a rather good band these vampire killers and as I do not like vampires they can go on killing them however long they like. Their music is also good, I really enjoy the catchiness of the songs and how they sort of pull you in, especially the second real track Bleed Till Sunrise along with Ending Fetish For the Finite which have great melodies all through. The third song Concede, Repent, Destroy has a good chorus which is true for all songs, but it is a bit strange otherwise making it sort of a middle track on the album not really saying much. Then there is the unmotivated growls that at some parts really disturb me as they just feels like they are thrown in there just for the sake of being somewhere and there is not logical use for them there at all. That might be something to think a bit more about for upcoming releases. The short time it takes to play is good now that I have millions of albums to review but it also feels a bit like it hardly gets going before it ends but as the songs are good it is a good release I would say, even though I would have liked maybe one or two more tracks just for it being a bit longer.

I would clearly say that this is a band and a release well worth looking into, this EP will be sold as a digital release only as far as I know, a disappointment for me as I do not like digital releases but an a consolation there is an ebook following along with it so you can read something about the concepts, which may be fun. Clearly another interesting new band to keep you eyes on in the future.


Label: Own production/demo
Tre liknande band: Protest The Hero/Panic at the Disco/Weezer
Betyg: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
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