Fairytale of Perversion

01. Lex Talionis (intro)
02. Blind Billions
03. Ignorance is Bliss
04. Fairytale of Perversion
05. Locus Ceruleus
06. Share my Pain (Stalingrad)
07. Hellhole
08. Psychopath
09. Tool of God
10. Faceless Children
11. The Bitsa Maniac
12. Our Poisonous Creation

Øystein Haltbakk – vocals
Andrè Ulriksen – lead guitar
Tom ’Welhaven’ Wahl - guitars
Johnny Wangberg – bass
Alessandro Elide – drums


Andy LaRoque - guitar
Dan Swanö - vocals

Produced by Rune Stavensli
Mixed/mastered by Dan Swanö
Artwork by Ed Repka

Released 13/5-2011
Reviewed 17/5-2011

vicisolum productions

The first thing that will probably strike you with this debut album by norwegian band Exeloume is that it has a really interesting and funny looking cover artwork. It is made by artist Ed Repka who is known for his work with big names like Death and Megadeth to name a few. They are said to be inspired by the classic US thrash metal and also early nineties death metal which sounds like a combination that could perhaps work. The label had been even more specific with what kind of thrash and death they are inspiret by, down to a span of years even, not just a decade but a period of a few years. They are said to be filling a niche that is not so well filled, I guess they are since I have never heard of any other band said to take their inspiration from thrash metal from 1985-89 and death metal circa 1989-92. They have a lot speaking for themselves on paper, Dan Swanö is not only working with their sound, he is appearing as a guest singer on the album. The thing is that when looking at the sales pitch one would think that this is the biggest and greatest act ever, one thing they are is the first non-swedish band signed to Vicisolum which might be something to write home to norway about I guess.

They are sort of a blend between the eighties american thrash metal and the earlier death metal with lots of speed, energy and some melodies. It feels like it is mainly based in the thrash stylings of the band with some adventures into the deathier sound from time to time. There are also some more melodic parts in intros and solos mainly. The production is very modern, very clean, nothing stands in the way of the music on this album, the production team has done a good job of making the songs reach as close to their potential as possible. The album does not only have a very good production, it has twelve tracks and lasts for almost 44 minutes after you have started it, though if you press back once you will be above 44 minutes with ease.

From reading the info I was not completely convinced that this would be something I would like, I was actually rather sceptical unlike those scientists working within the climate research. Upon hearing the album though, I must say that my scepticism was somewhat unfounded as the album was a powerful apparition that drills its way into the listener’s mind. It is heavy and hard hitting and mainly very good, I must say a positive surprise is what it was. All is not joy and amazing though, there are some disturbing things there as well and one of those is the fact that they sometimes get stuck for a while in something death metalish which does not work as well as the thrash thing, not even close to be honest. When the melodic touch, however small, is there it works really well, when it is not there it does not work nearly as well. I must say though that these parts feeling like primitive death metal without mind, are rather scarce and overall it is an album with good energy and good songs.

I think the band does a really good job when they put this album in order, I just with that the sterile deathy parts would be left out. These parts however can be easy to forget when listening so you may not even reflect over them, and speaking of parts: a song is a part of an album and there are twelve on this album, I do enjoy track three called Ignorance is Bliss very much, the we have track ten Faceless Children and from children with no face the step is not far to the end of the album with track twelve which is another of my favourite tracks. And as I said before, this is a good album, the songs work and the band show such an amount of energy that it is hard not to like them.

If you like the trash metal from said era or just like your music heavy with tons of energy and a measure of brutality I am sure you will enjoy what Exeloume and their fairytales has to offer. If you are more of the melodic person who enjoys bands like Toto or whatever similar band exist, then I think you will have a hard time enjoying this. Not all things to all men but a lot of things for a lot of men, a good album I would say and that’s all folks...


Label: Vicisolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Maelström/Bethzaida/Killing for Company
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm