Evergaze Eternity

1 No Regrets
2 Insane
3 Crumbling
4 In A Corner (feat. Terence Holler, Eldritch)
5 In Vain
6 Live To Tell (Madonna cover)
7 The Hive
8 Memories
9 Still Waiting
10 Uninvolved

Valeria Salerno - Lead and Backing Vocals
Giovanni Ferranti - Synths/FX/Programming


All guitars and Bass (except "Memories") played by Marco Ribecai
Drums and percussions played by Dave Simeone
Bass on "Memories" played by Lorenzo Carpita
Additional FX and programming by Marco Ribecai
Terence Holler

All Music written by Giovanni Ferranti
All Music arranged by Evergaze Eternity and Marco Ribecai
All Lyrics by Valeria Salerno except "In Vain" and "The Hive" by Giovanni Ferranti
Produced by Marco Ribecai at Syncropain Studio in Ghezzano (Pisa)
Mastered by Goran Finnberg at Mastering Room AB in Göteborg (Sweden)

Released 16/9-2011
Reviewed 27/9-2011


Italian duo called Evergaze Eternity release their debut album, an album called Uninvolved suggesting that the band is not involved with the sicilian mafia. The duo is synth player Giovanni Ferranti and female vocalist Valeria Salerno who also writes most of the lyrics for the songs on this album, they have some prominent guests helping them with the rest of the instrumentation of whom some are known from progressive masters Eldritch.

They do belong to the gothic metal genre, a band I can say come really close to how this band sound is a dutch band called The Gathering. The music they play is keyboard led gothic metal with female vocals. It is not particularly heavy but very melodic and atmospheric, I would not call the band energetic either. The songs are mostly midtempo and Valeria has a quite typical gothic female voice, which means it has a sense of fragility and at the same time some authority. It is not all female vocals through this album though, there are some male vocals as well. The production made by Eldritch’s Marco Ribecai is quite good giving the band a suitable sound for their songs of which there are ten on this album, these songs have a total playing time of 45 minutes.

I think that overall this is a good album, the sound and atmosphere work really well and the sound is high quality. The tracks are also overall good, there is some variation in quality I would say though. The first track is quite good, opens well and is a good track making it a great opener. Then I really like the third tracks which is the best on the album, it is called Crumbling. Other than those the tracks are alright but does not really make any impression.

The real shortcoming of this album otherwise is that it lacks a bit in variation, or at least in the feeling of variation as it feels kind of similar all way through and that is probably why it fails to make any bigger impression on me. I think it is a little case of some unfulfilled potential, I have a sense that there is more there which is suggested by tracks like Crumbling or the opening No Regrets. The atmosphere is really good as well, the synth work is excellent all way through and it is a bit sad that the song material does not quite do it justice.

In the end though I still think that Evergaze Eternity is a good band, their debut album promise quite a lot considering the high notes, what they need is a little better consistency and a little more variation on the album or at the very least try to create a better sense of variation. But in the end I think that if you enjoy female fronted metal, especially of the keyboard dominated gothic kind you should check this band out, they are really quite good.


Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands: The Gathering/Lacuna Coil/Eldritch
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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