Dream of Illusion

1. Intro
2. The Crow
3. Spiked Rain
4. Rocker Warrior
5. Mistery
6. One Last Chance
7. End Of The World
8. Two Skies
9. Through The Storm
10. Born To Rock
11. Interlude
12. Hysteria
13. Back To The Evil Age
14. Outro

Vocals - Francesco Valentini
Guitar - Riccardo De Fanti
Guitar - Andrea Giarola
Bass - Marco Melegaro
Drums - Gianluca Raisi



Recorded and mixed at Remaster Studio (VI, Italy) by Nick Savio
Artwork byR. De Fanti

Released 14/1-2011
Reviewed 24/1-2011


Dreaming of an illusion where they are convincing everyone in the world that their music is the greatest and that everyone is buying their new album, this italian band show up with a first album as far as I can tell and that one album is called Decadence and it has some signs of abandonments in the cover art.

This italian album has fourteen tracks and spans over a time of almost one hour so I guess you could say that it is a one hour project to listen through this album which musically stands firmly placed in the power metal genre with its melodic sound and catchy choruses and genre typical atmosphere. What it does not have as much of is the classical italian accent which is so common in the italian heavy metal, think Fabio Lione of Rhapsody of Fire for example.

The production is well polished without blemishes, almost like a shiny new car before you drive it out of the dealer’s place. Hopefully that thing explains it well.

Despite the shiny new car parable I find myself struggling with this album, I cannot quite get to terms with it, every time I listen to this album it is like I am listening to it for the first time. It is like it is impossible to get to know it, I feel I don’t know any of the songs better now than the first time I heard it. This, I think is down to the amount of music this is on this record, one hour is in most cases too long and in this case it feels like it is detrimental to the album.

Besides the long time and maybe lack of hit songs I think this album has a lot going for it with its fine melodies, good singer and an atmosphere that works well. It should have been a really good album but now it is more of a decent album, maybe a good one but it misses the things that makes it stand out from the crowds.

Well, in the end I think that the only illusion that remains after listening to this album a tad more than ten times is the feel of the band’s illusions of grandeur, which is course are only delusions of grandeur. Well, that is at least one way it could have been, wether or not it is true is anyone’s guess.

The remaining feeling after listening to this album is the one that it should have been better, it lacks character.


Label - SG Records/7Hard/Rock n Growl
Three similar bands - Silver Lake/Vision Divine/Seven Thorns
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm