As I Shine

01. Infinity
02. Agony and Domination
03. As I Shine
04. Eternal Sin
05. Abusos
06. The Philanthropic
07. Last Day Of Your Life
08. Man On Top
09. From Skin to Heart
10. The End Of All There Is

Roy Nordaas - Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Synth
Jørn Tunsberg - Guitar
Frode Gaustad - Drums


Recorded and mixed at Conclave Studio by Bjørnar E. Nilsen and Roy Mathisen
Mastered at Earshot Studio by Herbrand Larsen
Renathe Håpoldøy – Female Vocals

Released 19/8-2011
Reviewed 18/8-2011



The first thing that struck me when I first heard about this band was that they have the same name as the album I use to define what is the worst music possible to create, at that time I did not know wether that was something negative or not. The album in question is made by Endstille and was released some years ago and I would think that if the band was inspired by that utter junk, they themselves would be utter junk. Still, I cannot really say I was discouraged by their name, rather the opposite to be honest.

Dominanz is a norwegian trio of guys with pasts in the scene of the most popular music in Norway, black metal. The promotional information also says in the selling points that this band has it’s roots in that very scene, selling points also states that the band is a really good live band and that they might receive funding from the state to tour, I think that is from some cultural fund if that is so and the money from that will not be much. Sometimes I really wonder what is the point with all these selling points as the band’s skills as a live band has nothing to do with the quality of this album, neither does the fact that a selling point state that they already have 40-50% finished for their second album, how that that effect this album? Planned concerts, music videos and such are good selling points for an album not speaking of skills of live performances or how much work they have already put into the next album. This is why I usually tend not to read these as it is just there to try and put into my mind that this album is fantastic. What I did find out though is that the band does have a common line through their total expression, which means that they have a consequent image through music, lyrics and graphical delivery.

Sometimes a description of style from the promo information is a good way to go if you are not too familiar with names of genres and such, Dominanz are described as Atmospheric Industrialized Metal with some gothic influences and with some of the song having a commercial potential; that is actually a rather good description I would say. Industrial gothic metal would probably be my description, it is with a bleak feel we go through this album as it has this dark and bleak appearance all way through. The production is also focused on catching this morose tone, the sound reflect this very well and is both dark and atmospheric, it can be described as colourless if you like that kind of painted description. As I Shine is an album of ten tracks and slightly under forty minutes of music.

I was prepared for this album to receive a very mixed response as their music might be seen by some as it isn’t metal for all the samples and industrial stuff and not being metal is for some as bad as murder or rape. I am not bothered by classification, the more crossover something is, the better it might be, my favourite bands that are still active are Ayreon and The Birthday Massacre and those are not really stuck in one position are they? But the album did not as far as I have been able to determine receive anything but positive reaction and looking through about ten reviews I will actually have to say that compared with all of them I am more critical. I am not saying that it is a bad album, rather the opposite but it is not a great or a fantastic album either. Good but a bit forgetful in the end.

I do think that the real shortfall of this album in my opinion is not the sound, I think the sound is excellent and it initially made me ready for a rating of five. But this album is one of those that become more and more anonymous the more they are played and I think after just over ten plays that the problem I have with this album has manifested itself. This album has a fantastic sound and everything and it is also not too long but neither is there anything that grabs hold of me as a listener and makes me want to come back to this album, it has towards the end been harder and harder to decide to play this album as it really doesn’t do much for me. I like to listen to As I Shine when I do it but there is nothing in this album making me feel that this is amazing or something I do enjoy, no real high note that places the album firmly in your mind.

As I Shine is an ironic title in several levels, the theme of the album is bleak and the members cannot based on our review say that they shine. It is just a good album that does not really shine despite the well polished production.




Label: Industrial Silence Production/Cargo/Rock'n'Growl/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: The Vision Bleak/Marienbad/Cult of Deception
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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