Eye of the Storm

1. Time For Salvation
2. Hold On
3. Unchain My Soul
4. Bright Morning Star
5. To Love And Forgive
6. Even At My Lowest Point
7. Send Me Out
8. Masters And Slaves
9. The World's On Fire
10. Never Surrender
11. Masquerade
12. Close To The Fire

Christian Liljegren (Vocals)
Jani Stefanovic (Guitars, keyboards & drums)
Germán Pascual (vocals)

Glory Thy Name (2004)
Hero (2005)
Into a New Dimension (2006)
Farewell (2008)

Pontus Norgren
Markus Sigfridsson
CJ Grimmark
Thomas Vikström
Andreas Passmark (Bass)

Jani Stefanovic (producer)

Released 25/3-2011
Reviewed 16/4-2011


Hell no! This has gone far enough, I can't sit around quiet any more. I'm not a religious person. I thrash all these so called "anti-Christ-worshipping" bands categorically and without hiding it, which isn't only because they do completely rotten music but also because they have this urge to openly tell everyone how much they worship Satan and despise Christianity. But just as much as I hate their messages is the other side driving me crazy with their propaganda. They are all so extremely confident that they have all the answers and know so much more than everyone else. So when they come and not just toss their message over me but throw them selves over me, ties me up and then hurl their messages over me like a tidal wave tsunami... then it has just gone too far!

I haven't asked to hear tales of revelation from new believers that follows anything sounding convincing enough when you don't tell the whole story. I'm not spreading my conviction all over Hallowed to anyone that reads and I don't expect others to do that to me either with their beliefs. However, bands like Divinefire don't care, just as little as bands like Nifelheim does. They just have to rape me with their religious conviction and if I'm suppose to do a thorough job reviewing this album I just have to sit here and listen to how they think God is great and the Devil is evil and how good everything become when you live by the Bible and how wrong things get when you don't. I just don't have any option, and frankly (my dear) I don't give a damn!

Listening to this album just drives me crazy and after a few spins I can't take it any longer and give up. There's just no way to ignore the lyrics! Normally I don't even hear them, but on this album the vocals have been so strangely mixed that you just can't avoid it. It's just like siting on those uncomfortable benches in the church, tied up, and listen to a crazy preacher that stands an inch in front of me, yelling me in the face so I get covered with disgusting saliva. Extremely unfunny! If I could I would pull up some sort of brick symbol that keeps them away from me, but it just can't be done. They come over me like evil spirits and hits me in the stomach with rolled up carpets. And laugh! Scornfully like a crow that has stolen someone's gold Rolex.

This album gives me an indescribable headache. Sure, if you only listen to the music then it sounds decent, but unfortunately that's not possible. However, the melodies sounds good or really good on most of the album and instrumentally it's sacral and sounds like they were playing on a couple of church organs instead of guitars. There are grand hymn-like arrangements that feels excessively haughty most of the time. The double bass drums blares like shots from an AK-47 and the tempo is as fast as a service in church are lenghty. It feels exactly like they were running around with the collection plate, hitting people in the head, at the same time as the priest performs an service, wedding, funeral and baptism at the same time. Totally fucking insane!

The downfall comes in the vocal part and more specifically in the lyrics. Seen only to the vocal performance it's okay - they have two vocalists and often they sing together. One with growling and one with clear vocals on top of this, spreading his revelations and how much he venerate God and how you can't give in to the temptation of the Devil. And when it is exaggerated so much and is sung so obvious for us to hear and... well, I just feel as they've showed the trident in my throat. And this I don't like, which is almost a shame since most of the album sounds pretty decent otherwise. Before you say something, no I hadn't heard Divinefire before taking on this album. I had heard of them, what they stand for and sing about, but never heard it being played and unfortunately I have now. However, I do like the last hymn quite a lot - it's orchestral... sorry instrumental I meant. However, it sounded much better there when you didn't have to listen to the preaching.

I do like Caesar at the Colosseum and turn my thumb downwards. If I want to hear Christian propaganda I can go to the church. So can you who reads this and everyone that listen to the album do as well. My opinion is that music don't go along with religion - no matter what you believe in. Now, I'm not saying you can't have lyrics about whatever you want - of course you can! My opinion is that you can sing about whatever you want, so be it if it's about mutilating puppies or strangling babies or religious convictions (all though I prefer that you don't sing about any of those things) but that doesn't mean you have to shove it up my face because it's then it (which in this case means everything) becomes just as annoying as tele-marketers that can't take no for an answer. Which is exactly what Divinefire does. They would sound much better if they concentrated on making music first, and then secondly spread their religion. Not the other way around like today. If it were up to me, I wouldn't care if this album burned in Hell!


Label - Liljegren Records/Connecting Music
Three similar bands - Narnia/Metalium/Royal Hunt
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm