Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Moral & Wahnsinn

01. Die Boten
02. Gib Dich Hin
03. Hammer Oder Amboß
04. Dir Gehört Nichts
05. Dr. Pest
06. Moral & Wahnsinn
07. Erwache
08. Heimkehr
09. Wir Reiten
10. Hört Auf
11. Ein Liebes Lied

Daniel "Fuchs" Täumel - guitars, vocals
Volkmar "Volk-Man" Weber - bass, vocals
Mark "Dr. Pest" Szakul - keyboards
Georg "Sir G." Lenhardt - drums
Adrian "Ady" Vogel - guitar

Soft & Stronger (1997)
Allegro Barbaro (1999)
All You Need Is Love (2000)
Have a Nice Trip (2003)
Samurai (2004)
Riders on the Storm (2006)
Licht (2008)



Released 25/2-2011
Reviewed 9/2-2011

nuclear blast

The riders of the apocalypse is back with another album, this time it is all about morale and madness, which of course are more or less what our world is all about. Madness is also something that quite well describes what this band is about, with a mad mix of genres and influences throughout the album and their music of course. It is everything from dark and black metal singing and riffing to folkish stuff that is no heavy at all really, and then more or less everything in between those extremes. For those who have followed the band from the start I can state that this is not as heavy as it was before when the band started out but it is still aggressive and heavy, and mad in it’s heaviest or maddest moments.

I have kind of elevated another German folk/medieval or whatever you like to call them, metal band to stardom for their mix of classical, folkish music with the heavy metal. That band is called Nachtgeschrei and they do play similar music but they are still quite different. So from that I enjoy and write them up I can state that I really enjoy such music so I would be rather ideal to review this kind of music then, what sets the band I mentioned apart from Die Reiter (shortened name) is that they are not as heavy.

The sort of all-encompassing music that Die Reiter play works quite well on this album with many good songs and very good melodies and an atmosphere that works on many levels. I am sure that not many will find anything to complain too heavily about when it comes to this album, sure some will probably complain about the fact that it is performed in the German language, and some will probably find something else to complain about, like the singer’s voice which is honestly not the best. Still this kind of singing works really well with the kind of music that is played on this album, so all in all this album has all that it needs to be really good.

Still, it is not as good as I was expecting, it did not feel as twisted and interesting as I had expected. There were quite many aspects that felt a bit like a letdown considering how the band portray themselves and everything. Not that the songs or anything is bad on this album, it just does not feel as good as I was lead to believe. What I think prompts this mainly is the fact that the album feel a bit held back, a bit safe and unadventurous. The kind of music that is performed on Moral & Wahnsinn invites you to an adventure within a musical landscape but this does not happen with Moral & Wahnsinn because every time you feel like a great adventure is coming, it is held back and it becomes much smaller it is a bit like coming to the Grand Canyon only to find that they have shrunken it and put a big piece of glass over it so that it shall be easier for the handicapped to see everything when they roll on the glass with their wheelchairs and look down. That is how it feels to listen to Moral & Wahnsinn, accessible to all.

Another thing that can prompt this lack of enthusiasm from me is the fact that the real hit song is missing and with that there is no immediate reward for me as the audience and that may also help even if I think this safety thing is the main problem.

It is no doubt a good album and I am sure most fans will find it fantastic and many people when hearing it will find that it is a very good album, there is no doubt in that. For me though, I was expecting more, the music of the band seem to indicate more but nothing really comes and in the end I feel a bit underwhelmed. The morality of the thing is that the rating is approved, it would be mad to give anything more than that.


Label - Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands - Nachtgeschrei/Letzte Instanz/In Extremo
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm