Ars Vitae

01. Ortus
02. Sightless 6
03. Infvitabile Fatvm
04. Eye
05. Rcs – live
06. The Gallery of Bleeding Art – live
07. Ashes II – live
08. The One Who Bleeds – live
09. Under My Skin – live
10. Vertigo – live
11. Extinction – live
12. Children of the Mushroom Cloud –live
13. Suicidal Glory – live
14. Ashes
15. Guidance of Sin
16. Deserts
17. The Dreaming Dead

Sverker Widgren – vocals, guitars
Carl Stjärnlöv - bass
Tobias Jansson - guitar
Dan Darforth - guitar
Pär Ivy - drums

Deserts Of Desolation (2000)
Synergy (2001)
A Thousand Deaths (2002)
The Gallery Of Bleeding Art



Released 21/1-2011
Reviewed 7/2-2011

vicisolum productions

I can surely say that the cover of this album is not really inspiring, so it was not really that easy to start listening to this album. But as the companies give us these albums, a little sacrifice might be in its place, sure it might also be good. If it is one thing I have learnt from all these reviews I have done during the years is that you cannot always judge a record by its cover even if it usually that way, more or less.

This album stands with its feet in the darker side of thing, if the name didn’t already give that away I say it as well. It is heavy and brutal and the record contains a mix of songs that are studio recorded and some are live songs and other ones are studio recorded from an old EP that is now sold out so we can easily state that there is a slight difference in the production between these. The band logo and the cover art does at least tell which kind of music we have to deal with correctly so one point for the correctness of the cover art.

I think that mixing tracks between studio and live and back to studio again is a stupid idea, I can take a few bonus studio tracks in the end of a live album but the way they have done on this album is not a good way to do it. Still, on this particular album it does not matter that much as the sound quality is really poor and there is really not that much of a difference between the live songs and the studio ones. You can also not really find much difference between the old studio recorded songs and the new ones.

The thing is that there really is not anything that is interesting in this album, not anything at all. The sound is rubbish, the songs are boring and the live songs are really dull and the audience in them are really not very enthusiastic and there are seventeen tracks on this album.

Well, of course I am not really an extreme metal guy but do like some of what has been done in that genre. But as I do not have much to spare for the more primitive and raw stuff which this is, I have to make a small reservation. I did review a band called Black Breath which sounds kind of like this, so if you have heard that and like it you might as well like this as well or if you like other bands of the more primitive side of the extreme metal. I on the other hand find this to be quite useless really.

So for this album, the only lasting impression is the headache it gave me, and that is not small headache. Damn, I forgot to make fun of the title, you know arse vitae.


Label - Vicisolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Deathening/Black Breath/Grave
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm