Denial Fiend
Horror holocaust

1. Corrupted Flesh
2. Stuck Pig/Bleeding Out
3. After Party Massacre
4. Flesh Coffin
5. A Fiend Without A Face
6. Horror Holocaust
7. Dunsmoor (instrumental)
8. Hell Asylum

Terry Butler (bass)
Sam Williams (Guitars)
Rob Rampy (Drums)
Blaine "Fart" Cook (Vocals)

Dead Awakening (EP 2007)
They Rise (2007)
Afterparty Massacre (split 2011)

Steve Swanson (guitars)
Ralph Santolla (guitars)
James Murphy (guitars)

Recorded at Mana Studios

Released 2/8-2011
Reviewed 3/11-2011

ibex moon

I have a pretty hard time judging if this i suppose to be a prank band or something meant seriously. Reasonable, this ought to be a hoax-act but at the same time it’s not totally clear if it is.

Sure, the song titles are quite pathetic with names like som Corrupted Flesh, Stuck Pig, After party Massacre, Flesh Coffin and A Fiend Without A Face. And then there’s the name of the band, which also is quite… should we call it ”pathetic”? The name of the album too of course. Also pretty pathetic. And the music sounds like it does too. I think the right description for it is something like a train which has been heading forward blindly for a couple of miles in feces from wild beasts. And the vocals…they remind me of vomiting uncontrollably. Last but not least we have the cover art. You can see it in the upper left corner. Looks like a group of cocks, if I’m completely honest. As the matter of fact, when I put all this together, I realise that this can’t possibly be a seriously meant band. That it’s not much to reflect on, this is obviously a farce meant to investigate the stupidness of people and if there is people that actually think they can enjoy something like this. Something that they’ve clearly has putted together roughly for like half an hour in their “car hole” without the least thought of it to ever be something good or serious.

The most obvious give away for the hoax is apparently the vocals. They sound like they come from some sort of a mentally challenged baby screaming its throat out. Seriously – what the hell is wrong with him? I don’t know if my vocabulary even have the words to describe how stupid they sound! But I think I have a description on how annoying they are – nails scratching a black board… doubled! Then we’re almost there.

A good thing is that the music is always moving forward and doesn’t get stuck like a train with engine failure. Had it been that it would be completely horrific! Sounding like it do but then also get stuck in some sort of looped footprint. Now it’s not completely horrific, but something like extremely horrific. The music is something like a deathcore/hardcore mix that’s very heavy. Lots of bass rocking. And it’s simple – both the melodies and the music is simple and a bit fuzzy, a bit uncertain. Like a bit hippie-like, they come without plans and structure and feels thrown together at the moment rather than connected by a thread or unit. Everything is kaos. Songstructure – what’s that? Goals? What’s that? Where’s the album going? What!? Is it necessary for it to go anywhere? Well, that’s how I see this album. The album is going, but no one seems to know where so it flings from left to right, dashing all over the place like a drunk Irishman.

Denial Fiend, your little beast is in denial has just been denied a pass in Hallowed. This might very well be a humbug band (?) but there’s nothing asmuzing about it. Not a single thing! All it succeeds to do is annoy me. Really bad! Really, really, really bad! Really fucking terrible, as the matter of fact! Really, really, really fucking terrible straight through!


Label: Ibex Moon Records
Three similar bands: Toxic Holocaust/Slayer/DRI
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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