Open Up and Swallow

1. Truthfully Deceived
2. Joining Hands With Claws
3. Open Up And Swallow
4. The Earth is Flat
5. Shallow Grain
6. Cash Out in Blood
7. Collusion
8. Mad Gone Blind
9. Hate Spawn
10. Unable to Breathe

Sverker Widgren – vocals, guitars
Carl Stjärnlöv - bass
Tobias Jansson - guitar
Dan Darforth - guitar
Pär Ivy - drums




Released 28/1-2011
Reviewed 7/2-2011


Yeah, that name says it all, absolutely brilliant and fantastic whatever superlative you have in store. I mean, just being able to think of such a fantastic name is a feat in itself. The record also has this magnificent title in Open up and Swallow, and what a record cover, one of the better I have seen. What? is my irony all to obvious? well it might be the opposite of what I said at first but these impressions are not about the music which I had to start the music first in order to get to.

When I listen to this music I am struck by how aggressive the singer sound for instance, so aggressive that it is not really possible to make out what he is singing but considering that one track is named The Earth is Flat it may not really be that important either. The production of this album is modern and clean but still remains very heavy and aggressive, just aggressiveness seem to be something they were striving for when making this album. An album that has ten tracks and a playing time at a little over thirty minutes which is more or less ideal when it comes to the playing time at least.

I think this album is quite dull to be honest, it has nothing to grab hold of me, nothing to make me want to play this music, nothing that wants me to keep listening and the only reason for me to listen to the complete album is because it is short enough to endure.

There are no good tracks on this album and the only thing that really strikes me as good is the playing time. Well, not only, the production is also very good in it remaining so heavy yet being clean and modern in sound. Other than these two there are really nothing positive to say for this album.

Sure, maybe fans of this kind of music will enjoy it but for the general audience where I consider myself to belong, it is nothing to have really.

So in the end I find myself at a loss for words, this album is dull and pointless and there is no reason whatsoever to either hear it or buy it.


Label - Rakamarow Records/Record Heaven/Triada
Three similar bands - Diabolical/Black Breath/Grave
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm