Death Wolf

1. Circle Of Abomination
2. Weaving Death
3. The Other Hell
4. Morning Czar Shineth
5. Ironwood
6. Sword And Flame
7. Wolfs Pallid Sister
8. Ramsvart
9. Unto Dying Eyes
10. Black Mark
11. Coming Forth By Night
12. Dawn Of Flesh

Maelstrom - vocals
Morgan - bass
Makko - guitar
Hrafn - drums

Revelation Unorthodox (as Devils Whorehouse 2004)
Blood & Ashes (as Devils Whorehouse 2009)



Released 27/5-2011
Reviewed 26/10-2011



I can’t really say I’m a reviewer that hands out the full-blown thrashings on a daily basis, but this is a band that’s been getting the whole package from me. Death Wolf was earlier called Devils Whorehouse but less than a year ago they chose to leave that behind and start a new chapter in the story of this band, by renaming themselves to Death Wolf. I guess they were inspired by the DJ constellation known as Duck Sauce who released their extremely annoying single Big Bad Wolf this summer and irritated a whole world.

I’ve said it a couple of times already, and I’ll say it once again: religion in music does not belong except for certain places and times. I hate all form of religious propaganda in popular culture and especially in music. Regardless of it being positive or negative and to which religion it turns. Last time out, under the name of Devil’s Whorehouse, Daniel awarded this band with three points. Last time I reviewed this band, which was their full length debut in 2004 I didn’t award them with anything, they got a zero out of ten, which is a score I no longer can give so don’t worry. Be happy. But I will review this band once again now and I actually think this sound pretty decent as I play the first two songs. But then the album takes a turn for the worse pretty fast in track three. In the next five songs this album goes from being quite decent to absolutely unbearable in 19 minutes and it lands in some sort of ogre swamp where I have a hard time being. The eight track is without a doubt the worst song on the album and I can only describe is as quite similar to Norwegian black metal with it’s downscaled production where only one guitar sweeps through slow and dull tones and with an uninspired vocal line where it sounds like the guy making the sounds is in the toilet with the worst ever constipation in his bowels making it an agony to push out the shit in to the stool. The ninth song is a short improvement before the album completely goes through the sewage in the last three songs. So much that I actually flush the album.

”For fans of Danzig, Samhain or any other satanic rock music” is what the information sheet from the label say, which also state that this is ” ”12 tracks evoking an extremely evil and unforgotten aura of doom/metal/punk rock”. Personally I think this qualifies to be some sort of semi doomy hardcore where Danzig is pretty far from my frame of reference. But what I can see quite a lot of similarities in is Marduk, where the founding member normally plays his bass. The whole thing with being extremely ”evil” and ”satanic” is just so phony, like a big fucking joke - much like this band was when they started out as Devil’s Whorehouse. But this new name they’re aiming for a new beginning, like a passage to something more serious… but on that they’ve failed completely.

The songs are simple and monotonous. The music uninteresting and isn’t trying anything new or inventive. The production is decent, nothing special and the sound quality is pretty okay but cracks a bit in the higher tones and the instruments sometimes melts together a bit when they force themselves on you. The vocals are… what’s the word I’m looking for here? Ridiculous! And addressing the music I actually would chose the extremely annoying Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce before this one. Both suck, but that song at least have some sense of humour about it.

It seems like no matter what this band tries to do they just can’t impress on me. I can’t really say I’m particularly annoyed by something satanic or such, except for that short text in the info sheet that I quoted earlier. If they still have their satanic agenda it’s placed somewhere in the background where it can’t be spotted too easily. However, their incompetence is easily spotted. Now I’m absolutely no musician but I’ve been trying to learn to play the guitar some lately and I can without any form of exaggeration say that I’ve been playing exactly these tunes a couple of times when I’ve been learning. Because what they do is just playing at one or two strings at the time almost without moving the fingers at all. And I can’t really say the tempo needs them to crack any fingers while moving them. It’s just so tiresome dull and simple and really, really elementary. And all this makes it predictable which in the end leads to only one thing: dullness, repetitiveness and completely uninteresting.


Label: Blooddawn Productions/Regain Records
Three similar bands: Marduk/Samhain/Danzig
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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