De Van
Planet Botox

01. Another Perfect Day
02. Shine
03. Plastic Surgery
04. Feed Me
05. I Lose My Faith
06. Run
07. Not Good
08. Rain
09. Shalaland
10. Planet Botox
11. Waiting For The Sun

Eric De Van – Vocals
Mike Laver – Lead Guitar
Greg Andersson – Lead Guitar
Cee – Bass Guitar
Bjarne Gudmundsson – Drums
J. Adler - Keyboards



Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Olsson at Storm Studios.
Recorded and Produced by Tord Backstrom at TB Music Production

Released 30/9-2011
Reviewed 2/9-2011


Planet Botox, what the hell? That is what this album is actually named, quite an odd name in a genre that sings more of swords and sorcery, witches and magic or knights in shining armour than about the fixation with looks that we have in our world today. I found from seeing the cover and the title that this was to be something not to wait to play as I am always curious of things that attracts my attention. But before we sink our teeth into this album and deform it’s cover artwork with toothmarks, lets move back. It started with producers Tord Bäckström and Stefan Åberg contracted Eric De Van for singing a theme for the terrible rubbish TV-channel MTV. Bäckström immediately (or so it says in the info) the talent of Eric and they teamed up, this was in 2007 as far as the info states and now a few years later we have the first result of the whole thing ready to be unleashed to the public.

I guess it is logical for the band to be called De Van since it is Eric with that last name who is the main man, songwriter and the voice. Their music however, is not too centralised around his voice. Instead you will notice the prominent role of the keyboards at first and then after time the picture will grow so that you will notice central role that atmosphere play on this album. I would say that it is a quite sterile atmosphere, exactly like an operation room where two surgeons discuss the latest issue of the Swedish science magazine Illustrerad Vetenskap. The production is adequate to the task and the sound compliments the songs as a good production is supposed to do. It is an album of eleven tracks that reign your stereo for almost 46 minutes telling you that plastic surgery is the deal for you, and guess what, they’re right. Look yourself in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

But before we get to the Plastic Surgery track it all starts with a track called Another Perfect day which is another perfect opening track, this because it leads you with surgical precision into what you can expect from this album. All the trademarks of this band are manifested in this track, the excellent keys, the atmosphere, the great vocals and the catchiness that flows through the album like the thread that makes the stitches after the operation. The second track called Shine is probably along with the opener and the track called Plastic Surgery the best on the album, mighty chorus and just a strong song all the way through and the sort cut you right humour that is flowing through the third track Plastic Surgery makes this album feel great.

I think all the tracks are really good and the first three are best but the album is such a strong album, it feels modern and fresh while still maintaining a foundation of traditional heavy metal that is there for you to find if you peel away all the layers that are stacked on top of this solid foundation to make it such a strong album. Maybe it will not appeal to the traditionalists who thinks that the best metal was made long ago and that no one can trump Number of the Beast or British Steel or whatever else that came during that era. I think this does trump those albums and I enjoy this album and I am sure that anyone but these narrow minded traditionalists will do the same.

Planet Botox does not only add a great musical creation to the scene, the lyrical content is also a breath of fresh air in a genre that dreams of blood, carnage, genocide, swords that slay knights in shining armour and fire breathing dragons. I think it is a good thing to raise this fixation with looks, if we deal with it more and ridicule it and starts laughing at those too fixated with how they look and those who are willing to alter it with surgical means it is a good thing. Doctors should not make people look better, that is not a medical condition it is only a waste of resources on stupid people. I don’t know though that this is what the band wants to say, maybe they want everyone to undergo plastic surgery.

I don’t really care about the lyrical motives, it is a great debut album and clearly a contender to a top three position amongst those debut albums when the year is to be summarised in a few months time.


Label: JamSync Music/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Crematory/Disturbed/The Cult
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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