The Real Deal

Side A:
1. The Real Deal
2. Good 'ol Thrills
Side B:
3. Superman
4. Makebelieve Blues
5. Catcher In The Rye

Joel Frid : Vocals / Bass
Emil Claesson : Guitar / Vocals
Oscar Leander : Drums / Vocals

Crescendolls powertrio proudly presents Ten out of ten (2010)



Released 12/7-2011
Reviewed 16/7-2011



Swedish trio Crescendolls, a band with the same name as a Daft Punk song releases their follow up to their debut, an vinyl EP called The Real Deal. At least I think it is a Vinyl release from the information I found on the web which was not that much to be honest and since I lost the promotional information sheet I feel I do not know that much as I should have but it was released as a vinyl and maybe also on the sites that sells music files and streaming services and so on. It is five tracks on two sides of a vinyl disc.

The tracks are two new tracks on the A-side and three old tracks from the debut album on the B-side, so it is not that much new stuff there but it will not be a problem for us who did not hear the debut album which passed at least me by without any ripples, maybe poorly promoted or just me not being attentive enough to notice. Musically we have what I use to call retro rock which of course means rock music in the style as it was made some time ago, with this band we are talking about the seventies. Bands like Led Zeppelin or The Who comes to mind when I am asked to compare the band to something else, which is something that makes the vinyl format quite nice and a nod back to that time when we had those lovely big mostly black disk with bigger format cover artwork. Their guitar sound is sort of authentic seventies as is the vocals while the production is much more modern and up to date which makes it quite reasonable to say that the band stands with one foot in the seventies and one foot in this time.

I would say that the 20 minutes of music we get on this EP is easily accessed, catchy, energetic with a retro feel. I find myself taking to this music very easily thanks to its catchiness and energy, and I think the five tracks are very good with the opening title track and the ending Catcher in the Rye as the highlights of the EP. Another thing I like is the format, that the album is so short that there is not chance to get bored with the music, and still enough to really take in the energy and catchiness of the music.

There are some issues though, the first one is the fact that there is only two new tracks on this EP, that can feel a bit lame when there is a full length album out that has 60% of the tracks on this EP on it, that makes it hard to defend a buy of the EP rather than the album or both the EP and the album. Another thing I see as a little problem is the fact that there is very much music like this out there already and Crescendolls run a rather big risk of being lost within all these bands even though their music is good which also is something that can be said about many of these bands, especially the ones that pop up these days.

To summarise I would say that this is a rather good EP, the songs are good and the time it takes to play through works perfectly as I think this music would tend to become a bit long if we would have to deal with an album of over forty minutes. I also think the energy and catchiness of the album is something making this album very good, the problem is though that this can be said of many bands and albums these days which does not make this EP worse though but it feels like I have heard it before, many times. Even though they cannot be accused of being innovative or unique they are still good and if you like this kind of retro rock I am sure that you will enjoy this band and EP as well.



Label: Clandestiny/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: The who/Beatles/Led Zeppelin
Ratings: HHHHHHH
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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