01. Another Perfect Day
1. Intro (John's Nightmare)
2. Serpent Soul
3. Come Resonance of Doom
4. The Ground Surrenders
5. Succumb to Sin
6. Leaving the Corporal Shade
7. I Want to Commit Murder
8. Bring on the Clouds
9. Void

John Doe - Guitar
NOX - Vocal
Joakim - Guitar
Alex - Bas

Total Soul Rape (2000)
Terror Propaganda (2002)
Fuck the Universe (2005)

Dirge Rep - drums


Released 5/8-2011
Reviewed 18/9-2011

carnal records

Craft has a name that seem to be promising some metal craft, wouldn’t you say. It would be a name that promises something, an indication of a skill from the members perhaps. Something that is not promising any kind of interest though is the awful looking album cover with a guy cheering a nuclear explosion or whatever the figure is doing with the hands in the sky, it didn’t go well for him though. The motive is not the biggest problem with the cover it is the lack of colour in skill in creating the motive, it looks like shit. And as if the cover was not enough, song titles like I Want to Commit Murder and Succumb to Sin to name two are just not doing anything to spark an interest in my book. Still, the band has gathered lots of interest around the world though and this album seem to have been quite anticipated and one big daily newspaper here in Sweden rated this album very highly and it also reached the seventh position in the album charts here in Sweden, which would indicate that they are a quite popular band amongst the masses. The reception from the metal press though has been quite mixed ranging from very good to quite bad as far as I have seen. I have been putting off listening to this album as everything about it that I could see with titles and cover just shouts of terribleness, but now I have given it quite some spins in the player so that I can write down this review.

But before I tell you how I see this album I provide you with an excellent description of how it sounds, which is something I always do. It is black metal, in its primitive form. That means repetitive riff, vocals that sounds like they are sung by someone who has broken their vocals chords six years ago. Then of course we have the blastbeats that are obligatory and the sound that seem to have amiss all of melody. The production is as is customary for the genre, bloody awful. It sounds like the music is recorded in an ancient bear trap with the musicians pierced and stuck on the poles playing their music while the microphones they use to catch the sound unfortunately has been swallowed by a bear that is also poled and is decomposing while the album is recorded, hence the sound of disgust in the vocals, so it sound like black metal usually does. There is not much in terms of melodies either, and lyrics are stuck in darkish themes which is also the common practise. A rude man (not woman) would say that they sound like black metal marionettes.

A band can be full of cliché and unoriginal stuff and still be good or decent, so are Craft any good? The answer is simply, no! They are really bad, I mean having a song named I want to commit murder is just stupid and childish. It is really like saying: I want someone to put me in front of the execution squadron and be shot because I am just an overgrown child with no existential value. I also saw a picture of the band or some from the band where they were in makeup to appear more evil in their black ridiculous clothes, I can only say that I think that is just a sign of a rubbish band who wants to appear frightening and to make society react. I am sorry guys, you are many years too late for that, and that along with the stupid lyrics about horrible things is as scary as meeting a cat in a dark alley; the only time that would be scary would be if the cat was Kakan. And I have not really gone into the really boring and repetitious music that this as much fun to listen to as it is to fall asleep, actually it makes you fall asleep because it is so very boring. I found myself so bored with this album that the 49 minutes felt almost like a year, one time I had listened to this album I actually thought it was 2012 in december and the natural disasters of the film with that name was actually happening, it is that long and bad this album.

I would say though that you might like it if you are into the primitive black metal, or troglodyte metal as it is sometimes referred to. But not even that is certain as the reviews I found online was not even close to unanimous so I believe it is with a clear conscience I say that this album is awful, it is actually worse than Takida’s recent album


Label: Carnal Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Bathory/Darkthrone/Judas Iscariot
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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