01. Pain Infantry
02. Ritual Sacrifice
03. Fall from Grace
04. World Domination
05. Live Again
06. Dying to Kill
07. Forever Falling
08. Unbreakable
09. Flesh & Bone
10. Your Dead to Me

Brian O’Connor - Vocals
Fabian Schwarz - Guitar
Ira Black - Guitar
Guenter Auschrat - Bass
Timo Weis - Drums


Produced by Fabian Schwarz and Brian O’Connor

Released 1/7-2011
Reviewed 30/11-2011



With a play on word and a two-nation line-up, this newly formed band have managed to create their debut album. Sure, the members of the band are not that new to the scene, singer Brian O’Connor is known for his time with Vicious Rumors and guitarist Ira Black has been with Metal Church, Lizzy Borden and Vicious Rumors. The band was founded by said O’Connor and German guitarist Fabian Schwarz with the ambition to play transatlantic metal whatever that is.

I guess transatlantic metal is very much influenced by the music of Seven Witches as that is what Consfearacy sound very much like. The melodic yet heavy guitars are there, the tempo changes that make up so much of the music of Seven Wiches. I would say that even the vocal style is really similar. I would not however say that they are a ripoff of Seven Witches, they are not that similar even though they are very similar. The production is solid and made by Schwarz and O’Connor. There are ten tracks on the album and the time required to listen through the entire thing is just over forty minutes.

I should start by stating that I think this is a solid album, I say solid because that is what it is. It starts brilliantly with Pain Infantry which is a great track with excellent melody and vocal style and here I am very ready to bring out all the drums and whistles to proclaim this a great album. Now you say: but…? But, unfortunately this is the best track on the album and none of the following can challenge. This does not have to be a problem even though I am against starting an album with the best track as that often lead to the listener being unsatisfied in the end, and in this case it is also a problem. It is a problem because the tracks are too similar and this leads to the feeling that it is a bit long and it is not really that great an so on. These tracks are however, very solid and quite good so it would be unfair to discredit the album because of that and therefore I don’t.

When I finish playing this album for the day I am however left with a sense of being unfulfilled, the memory of the great first track has long since gone as well and I select my next album thinking that this album was not that much of a listen. This happened early days, when I got to know it a bit more, this feeling was not completely removed but most of it was and the feeling is that it is a very solid album, the songs are good, not brilliant and the talent is there for the future maybe. In their best moments Consfearacy and the conspiracy theory inspired lyrics are brilliant bur that happens on too few occasions on this album. There is quite a bit of brilliance in the name though, considering the play on words to suit the lyrical themes.

If you like the american style heavy/power metal and bands like Seven Witches, Vicious Rumors, Cage, Metal Church and so on, I am sure you will really like this band. If your attitude towards said genre and bands is an uninterested one, I am quite sure that this album will not change that attitude.

To reiterate I would say that this album starts too good and ends by repeating itself too much which leads me to selecting the rating in the middle of the scale. A thing to say though is that there is knowledge and talent in this band and this is a debut album, a good debut album.


Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Seven Witches/Vicious Rumors/Metal Church
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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