Confront Hate
Diabolical Disguise of Madness

1. Sokenra
2. Hate Will Never Die
3.Corrupted Desire
4. Conception
5- New Divine Shadow
6. Love Grows Cold
7- Diabolical Desguise of Madness
8. Feeling the Silence

David Rosa Vocals
Ricardo Albino Guitars
Pedro Faustino Guitars
Pedro Veigas Bass
Pedro Costa Drums

Confront Hate EP (2007)


Produced by the band and recorded by guitarist Ricardo Albino at Full of Noise studios in Faro – Portugal

Released 3/7-2011
Reviewed 2/8-2011


Portuguese band Confront Hate in a Diabolical Disguise of Madness, does that mean that the album has a lot of diabolically disguised madness amongst the songs? that would be great if it were like that. Said disguise is the name of the debut full length album of Portuguese band Confront Hate, they have managed a self titled EP which was released in 2007 which of course in term mean that anyone very fond of that EP will have had to wait for quite a while for something new from the band. Anyway, I have not heard the EP myself and I have seen longer waits than just four years, I recently reviewed Airrace who let their fans wait over twenty years between their two albums. But now then, how about Confront Hate?

They are described by general opinion that I have found, as groove metal, which of course means that they are playing a type of death or thrash metal with a more groovy sound, easily put. That means energetic chugging riffing with a strong sense of melody and also a base of catchiness in the music. But it is not only that, they are not just another groove metal band, they do have a bit of variation up there sleeves as well. It is not only the genre typical chugging riffs, there are some flowing guitar lines as well to add some variation and additional musical depth to the album. The production made by the band themselves is up to date and has a sound that is to be expected within the genre, I would say a mature and well thought through sound. The album in full has eight tracks and I have no real idea how long it is but would guess at around 45 minutes or so.

I would say that they are quite good, the music has a lot of nice rhythm and groove, the melodies are nice and the overall feel is that this is a product of good quality. Sure it is not the best album I have ever heard but neither is it the worst, it holds a good quality throughout the entire album. All the songs are quite good and I would say that none of them is a real disappointment, but then neither of the songs is a blasting real hit either it feels more like a general high quality feel with no real standout in any direction. The thing though that makes it work well as something to spend a while listening to is that the variation in the songs is quite good, the stylistic spread works well to keep interest up while listening. However, I cannot say that any song or any one things gets to you, is anything you want to take with you, the thing that remain with you when the music stops is a feeling of “this was good” but then there is nothing more.

Therefore I will verdict this album as being a very nice debut, not as fantastic as the one I reviewed yesterday but a good one nonetheless. I feel they need to be a bit braver and dare to make real standout material that might fail if they want to improve over time and make a real blast of an album. This album feels really good as something you play in the background, not something I take to heart but maybe that is just the genre. If you like groove metal or any of the said similar bands you should really check this album out because it is very good. Maybe not as much madness as I had hoped but a collection of eight good songs is never wrong.


Label: HellXis
Three similar bands: Lamb of God/Gojira/Sepultura
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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