1. Big Time Game Hunting
2. Thoughts Of Equality
3. Aggressive System
4. Practicing For War
5. Emotional Blurr
6. Crutch
7. Anti-Social
8. Cavern In Mind
9. Crucified
10. Ocean
11. Save Thy Brother
12. D-Day
13. When Worlds Collide
14. Cleansing Pool

Bonus disc (Disc Two)
1. Intro
"Condemned to Death" (1983-84)
2. Gartland's Pit
3. Pain of Mind
4. Media Control
5. Dismember Me
6. Blood River
7. The Assassin
8. Bang Your Maidenhead
9. Wired
"Death Sentence" (1985)
10. Condemned 2 Death Sentence
"Humanoid or Biomechanoid?" (1986)
11. Big Time Game Hunting
12. Emotional Blurr
13. Crutch
14. A Cavern in Time
15. Icy Minds
16. When Worlds Collide
17. Satan's Sandals
18. Tidal Wave
19. Face Yourself
20. Humanoid or Biomechanoid?
"Condemned / Attitude" (1987)
21. Homeless Crew
22. No Boundaries
23. 3rd World Child
Live "Senseless Death" Compilation
24. No Blind Power
25. D-Day
26. Deadly Euphoria
27. Big Time
"Something Scaley" (1989-93)
28. River of Life
29. Movement
30. Fool's Fable
31. Outro

“Rotten” Scotty Gardner (vocals)
Keith Chatham (bass)
Rick Strahl (guitars)
B.Scott Clayton (guitars)
Slade Anderson (drums)

Condemned2Death (EP 1983)
Diary of a Love Monster (1984)


Billy Anderson (prod)

Released 11/2-2011
Reviewed 24/2-2011

nuclear blast

I’ll be as straight in my writing in this review as Condemned? are in their music on this album. It might speak to some people, other may find it a bit dull to read. But as the band do their music I’ll review it – as they say: you are what you eat.

Hardcore in the cruder league. Badly produced. The drums sound like children beating on metal cans. Guitars play a maximum of three chord at a time. Melodies are simple. Vocals sound strained and are frustrating to listen to. Sounds like he has tonsillitis. The songs are short but many, total playing time is about half an hour. Which is reasonable.

The music is mostly played pretty fast. Sometimes very fast. Always simple – only the guitar, bass and drums are used. Except for the vocals. The vocalist do most work himself, but sometimes is joined by backup vocals in choruses and/or specific words or parts in verses or sticks.

Sound quality is poor. Sounds like basement production. The music have good flow, rhythm is okay but the melodies are boring. Uninteresting. The songs are varied decently but it’s ruined by the production. Vocal parts flows into everything else and mostly it gets messy. Doesn’t at all feel like something fun to hear for long runs.

Best songs are Cavern in Mind (it sounds more grand in the production and have more varied style and guitars, at least in the beginning and end – the mid part sucks), Emotional Blurr (that’s a faster, harder song that is more on the edge in the vocals) and Crutch (simply because it’s only 37 seconds long).

I don’t like listening to this album. It’s too similar to itself most of the time and have too bad sound quality. It’s too much garage demo, not at all full length material. Some more work in it, both in song writing and how it’s done, would have been preferred. It doesn’t matter that it’s hardcore, that isn’t automatically excusing nonchalant and underwork on the albums. Some sort of effort should be a minimum!

The music is decent, production sucks! All in all it’s acceptable, but only with a huge compromise.


Label - Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands - Disfear/Engrained/Misfits
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm