Spiritual Myiasis

1. Parasite
2. The Gnawing
3. Eternal Return

Niklas Eriksson - Strings & Vocals
Thomas Norstedt - Drums
David Axman - Bass




Released 1/5-2011
Reviewed 4/6-2011


A Swedish Colossus, how about that? On top of that we have some spiritual myiasis which of course does not seem to be a good thing, if the album is like myiasis it would not be that great. But what about this EP by these colossal guys?

Musically we are dealing with what us called progressive metal with stuff from genres as stoner or sludge and some thrash and other elements. There are many directions for these three songs to walk in. The songs are as already hinted three to the number and they go on for about eighteen and a half Minute. The production is not sounding like it came from this time and the time I am hinting towards is not a distant and more advanced future, it is more like they recorded this album on Noah’s ark. The sound not clear and modern, it is rather murky in a sense that reminds if wood being attacked by moisture, it is mouldy. One might if one is a jokester state that the ark on which they recorded the album is being eaten by Termites. Which mean that I do not really fancy the production that much.

Music called progressive metal with a production that is not quite up to it is usually not something enjoyable. This is also true for Colossus, their songs are drowned in a murky soundscape which cannot do justice to good music. However, the production is not all that is the matter with this album, there are small things bothering much of the time, there is no direction in the music and it would seem as though the colossus have no idea on which leg it is supposed to stand and when its builders are hit by myiasis it remains that way which gives a schizophrenic impression.

I am not saying that it is all bad, because it isn’t, I find parts I enjoy quite a bit but unfortunately not entire songs. The songs are a bit long and incoherent which detracts from what is good with this album. I seem to detect something quite interesting amongst the confusing and not so brilliant that make up this album, these tracks could well be fillers on an album, I also think that an album would much easier make sense of the music here, the short EP makes it more incoherent than it needs to be as the songs are not really connected to one another so my main issue with this album is that it feels like it is just some random stuff put together into one EP. This EP feels most of all like a waste of talent, I think this band has talent to make something really good.

It is a decent attempt as the musical direction is an interesting one and it has been made with good results before but this is not really there in my book at least. I have seen this band receiving some really good reviews so I might be wrong in what I think but I don’t think so. As stated before it has some merit but it is not really there as the band cannot really tie it all together in a way that feel great.

Still keep an eye out for these guys, the have the tools to make something very interesting in the future but it is up to them to really do it.


Label: Dark Matters Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Neurosis/Kyuss/Mastodon
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm