Children of Doom
Doom, Be Doomed Ör Fuck Off

01. Mr Nasty
02. Technophobia
03. 1916
04. Bottle Ben In The Streets
05. Doom, Be Doomed, Ör Fuck Off
06. ...Mia's Desert

B.B.F - Guitars, Vocals
Reinheitsgebot - Bass
Vincent Mc Doom - Drums



All Music and lyrics by Children of Doom
Cover and every drawing by B.B.P.
Layout by Aurélie C.

Released 8/6-2011
Reviewed 22-11-2011

emanes metal records

French Children of Doom did release their debut album this summer, a six track epic with a white cover and an illustrated guy showing everyone who looks at the album his finger and maybe also says fuck of. This guy is of course in tradition with the metal genre a skull with sunglasses and a helmet, and the album has a quite bold title and look of course. At the same time it looks kind of cheap with that sort of cover art but that might be to avoid being mixed up with Children of Bodom whom have nothing besides some attitude and a similar name in common with Children of Doom. At face value I would say that this band might look slightly cheap but at the same time rather interesting. And also, using a white background for the cover instead of a dark one should be commended.

Musically it is as the name suggests, doom metal but it is such with a raw sound. I would say that the sound has a sort of “made in Taiwan” feel to it, it feels a bit on the cheap sound, or low budget sound if you prefer that phrasing. When listening to it though you get the feeling that it is a conscious choice to give the music that sound, sort of like a statement towards the modern often overly polished music maybe it is towards that he points his finger on the cover art. You also get the sense that the band are not entirely serious in their approach and the lyrics seem to be a little bit on the humorous side at least when looking at the song titles of this album. I might be wrong on that though as I have not bothered to listen to the lyrics and never read them either, the singer sings the lyrics in a powerful yet rather classical standard doom metal voice. The album in itself has six tracks and it lasts for just over 41 minutes and the songs are of a rather varied nature.

So what do I think of this album then? Well at first I did not like it, it sounded just too unpolished and dirty for my taste. After a while though I warmed up to it and I have come to enjoy a few of the songs on this album, the band shows a lot of energy but also a very doomy side and the singer I think has a good feeling in his vocals. So I think this album is rather good I would say, most of the songs work really well for me and I enjoy listening to it despite the cheaply made production and the geekish way the band presents the album, it is still very good music maybe slightly let down by a less than brilliant sound.

The opening track Mr Nasty is very energetic and really very good and it sets me after a while up to a good spirit, but the track i really think show every little bit of energy the band has is the final one ...Mia’s Desert… which is by far the most interesting track on the album and the place where I really think this band comes alive. The negatives besides the sound is the fact that track two and three tend to become a bit boring, they are a bit repetitious and nothing really happens in these two tracks which of course is a bit of a flaw.

Overall though, I think this album is a very good one, it has a lot of energy, it has really good songs and it has a different cover. It is also an album pointing the finger at the musical trends of today and make an album that sounds as they want it without really compromising much, it is also a debut album. If you like your doom metal which I am not that much of a fan of, you will probably enjoy this, especially if the songs are more important than the production. I think we all can enjoy this really good and noteworthy debut album.



Label: Emanes Metal Records
Three similar bands: The Bottle Doom Lazy Band/Solitude Aeturnus/Saint Vitus
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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