Pieces of a Shattered Me

1. Cruel Sands of Time
2. When Reality Distracts
3. Out of Reach
4. Into the lion’s den
5. Rust on the Razor
6. Departure
7. Whispers Turn Into Cries
8. House of Cards
9. Fragments
10. With a clouded mind
11. Hollow
12. Shattered

Ulf Sörman – vocals, rhythm guitar
Robert Örnesved – lead guitar
Johannes Berg - drums
Magnus Stenberg – bass

Demon demon (2005)
Triumph and Tragedy (2007)


Recorded at Studio Seven in Örebro by Ronny Milianowicz and Andreas "Toya" Johansson
Mixed by Ronny Milianowicz and mastered by Jens Bogren

Released 3/6-2011
Reviewed 12/9-2011


Swedish progressive metallers Castillion release their second full length album, they do so on their own accord as they are not signed by any label at present. This album is called Pieces of a Shattered Me and that I would have to say is a rather good name for a progressive album, the album cover also works quite well interesting in a way that arise curiosity. If you do want to buy this album, you can do so digitally but I don’t know if they sell CDs but there is more information about this on the band’s website so if you are interesting you’d best look there.

Musically I would have to say that this falls under the classical power progressive metal genre, which means that they have one foot in the classic power metal genre and the other foot in the progressive metal and one foot also in the melodic metal which makes them a three footed person which is quite odd but then again who said progressive metal was always easy to understand? This band however belongs to that part of the progressive genre that isn’t that complex or difficult to understand, some melodies and structures are a bit complex but generally it is quite straightforward. I think a band like Pagan’s Mind is a good comparison if you are looking for such, also the less complex heavy material by early Dream Theater and also early Fates Warning can be said to be somewhat similar to what Castillion is doing. Production of this album is very good and professional which was a little bit unexpected considering that this album was not released under a label that could finance a good production, nevertheless the band had help from known and skilled people within the Swedish metal community. This album about a shattered person has twelve tracks and it will take you almost 52 minutes to play it all the way through.

I think that this is a very good album, it is varied without strolling of the path set up in the intro and the first real song of the album. There are no deviations from the path anywhere I would say and still the album is varied and keeps the listener interested all the way from start to finish. The songs are all good, the vocals work really well and the added progressive bonuses fits perfectly into an album that feels more like a very good whole than something with a few really good things standing out. No song really stand out from the rest as they are all very good and I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite but the tracks Out of Reach and Fragments are two titles I remember slightly better but that is mostly due to them having that kind of song structure which is slightly easier to remember. Otherwise I would say that the material should be played in its entirety as it is like that Castillion’s Pieces of a Shattered Me works best.

I would say that this is the perfect album to listen to while waiting for the release of Dream Theater’s upcoming album.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Dream Theater/Pagan's Mind/Fates Warning
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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