But We Try It
Dead Lights

1. Bloodritual
2. Cruel World
3. The Gift And The Curse
4. City Of Ghosts
5. Everything Falls Apart
6. Remember Me
7. The Great Disaster
8. Embracing Darkness
9. Dead Lights I: The Rising
10. Dead Lights II: The Path To New Hope

Jörn Preidt ( Vocals )
Tim Marxcors ( Gitarre)
Domink Ballreich ( Gitarre )
Stefan Trautmann ( Bass )
Mark Brückmann (Drums)



Waldemar Sorychta (production)
Siggi Bemm (mix and master)

Released 28/1-2011
Reviewed 8/2-2011


So, thrash-core, what the hell is that?
I guess it is groove thrash metal with quite the heavy and powerful sound. At least that is what we get from But We Try It and they are described as thrash-core so if that is how thrash-core sound then so be it.

But We Try It are from Wuppertal in Germany and they started out way, way, way back in 2008, which really has nothing at all to do with how good or bad they are, there are very old band that are complete rubbish just as there are fantastic new bands but which one But We Try It are is not that easy to say immidiately.

What I can start with saying returns a bit towards the first part, the band’s sound is modern and has a hint of groove in its sound which works rather alright, you can actually say that it is a bit in that respect like Grip Inc. they have of course the same producer but soundwise it is a well made album. An album that spans over ten songs with the playing time of just over 40 minutes so when it comes to the length of the thing there is not much to complain about really.

When it comes to the cover art there is not much to say more than it is quite an attractive artwork but also that I would have rather been standing watching that than doing what all those people that are out there on the roads to day do for a living. If find the artwork to be both attractive looking but also as a mystery, maybe a little like a mystery-horror film which is just great, too bad that looking at the cover is better than listening to the record though.

It is not that the music on this album is bad or so, it is just that it is lacking that hit song or that one thing that keep you interested throughout the 40 minutes that you have to listen to it, there is really nothing that holds you, that grabs your attention, it is well made, well produced extreme metal but nothing more really and in the big stream of music that finds its way into my hand it really drowns.

Of the songs I tend to like the two part title track that ends the record best, it has the best feel to it and works quite well, not that it stands and towers above the rest of the songs on the record because it doesn’t. It feels more like something I have to play also rather than something I want to play.

I would say that it is decent and if you have heard Legion of the Damned, you can also say how it sounds, well them mixed with a little Grip Inc. whose producer is producing this album as well, there is really more potential here than what is being realised and I fins myself at a loss for why it is so underwhelming. I was really expecting more from looking at the cover and reading the advance news mails about the band, but really nothing of it really did lift this album into anything more than just another album.

In the end though, we can clearly at least they were trying.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Legion of the Damned/Death Angel/Anthrax
: Daniel Källmalm