Burning Caskets
To Burn a False Prophet

Kill the Pacifist
Covenant of Hate
Resurrection of Filth
Sexually Tortured
Prophecies of a Blackened Sun
Wake Up Dead (CD version only)

Korey Arnold – Vocals
Deni Guenard – Bass
Mitch Di Venanzo – Lead Guitar
Braedon Sharpe – Rhythm Guitar
Dan Harrison – Drums



Artwork by Deni Guenard

Released 12/7-2011
Reviewed 24/9-2011


A Casket, a container that is slightly bigger than a box which is usually used to store things like silverware and stuff like that. I do however think they are referring to the coffin with four sides visible that is also called a casket, I guess they might be referring to cremation or something similar. But still, the name is not really anything but silly. And when we are looking at what this canadian band is calling their debut album which they have financed themselves, the story gets even sillier. Their first album is called To Burn a False Prophet and I cannot help but wondering if they have some obsession with burning things, I believe that condition is called pyromania. I wonder if their idea was to make an instruction booklet as to how we should burn false prophets, but they forgot one thing and that is how to spot a false prophet.

They are musically preaching their pyromaniac ideas in a classical american death metal type of way, the music is chugging and not very fast. The singer has a quite typical death metal voice with a little traces of the thrash metal or hardcore way, the production is more or less what you can expect from the genre and offer no surprises whatsoever. If you require a few more similar bands than the one I have mentioned then I can say Resurrection, Morbid Angel, Destruction, Sodom, Slayer, Kreator, and so on, sort of american style death metal with a touch of aggressive thrash metal is what it is about. Quite simple and aggressive style of music, or straightforward without complications.

I don’t know if it is the cold in Canada that makes them want to burn stuff like false prophets or little containers where you store the silverware but they seem quite aggressive these guys with songs of killing and torture and whatever else it may be referred to in the lyrics. Fortunately it is not really possible to hear the lyrics most of the time anyway, the album is also quite short not even reaching 30 minutes which is probably one of the more positive things about it. It is an album that offers nothing of a sense of something new and exciting, it sound like existing music and it holds a quality that can be found in existing music making me wonder why this would be something to get in case you already own an album in the same genre. I am not saying that Burning Caskets are bad because they do what they do well, the main problem I have with their music is that what they do have already been done before and not only once or twice but quite often and they just are not new or exciting or good enough to stand out in such a crowd, maybe if they actually burned some false prophet they would reach the spotlights and sell music but on its own merit this album is just not good enough to make the cut.

It is decent death metal in the american style, it is quite well made so if you like that genre it might be worth looking into the album and band. It feels like it might be a good things for fans of that genre, for the rest of us it feels more like something to not bother with than something to bother with. So alright but uninteresting is what I think of this album, if you are a death metal fan you might think otherwise but there is still more interesting music in that genre out there right now.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation/Malevolent Creation
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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