1. Doubt
2. Sweet Repeater
3. How Come Nao
4. Jack Of All Trades
5. Anchor Serenader
6. Clues
7. Juice!
8. Dot JP
9. Hard Rain
10. Your Fan
11. Odd One Out
12. Bona Fide
13. Woman 77

Benjamin Zsolt Zombori (Bensh)


Simon Trefo (drums)
Katy Beardshall (vocals)

How Come Nao, Odd One Out and Bona Fide recorded by Dan Swift for Z Management at Superswiftsound, London
Clues recorded by Bensh and Gordon Raphael at The Silver Transporterraum, London and Bricolage Mobile Studio
Dot JP, Liar, Jack of All Trades, Hard Rain and Juice recorded at the Bricolage Mobile Studio
Doubt, Woman 77, Sweet Repeater, Anchor Serenader and Your Fan recorded at the Bricolade
Mobile Studio in Vienna, Osaka, Reykjavik and Berlin
Vocal Recording on Clues, Jack of All Trades, Play Deaf, Dot JP and Hard Rain at, Vienna

Produced by Bensh
Mixed by Biggi Birgisson at the Sundlaugin Studio, Mosfellsbaer/Reykjavik
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Mastering, London
Artwork by Christof Nardin with Ute Schindler
Photograph by Kramar/Kollektiv Fischka

Released 14/10-2011
Reviewed 23/10-2011


Austrian guy who call himself Bensh, is marketed with a whole page of positive quotes about his stuff, the next big thing within the pop music, clever, charming, witty but catchy and nuanced pop music. That is what the label says at least, they also adds that it is one of the years most interesting releases. For the label perhaps, I found no website so I know not how much more music they release, if it is the only one then being one of the most interesting releases is not that good, is it? Irresistible video of How Come Nao should have put them on the map they say, I think the video was awful and totally pointless but that’s just me I guess. But what about this band, is it one of the pearls from 2011?

Well, musically it is more or less what they say with the clever pop thing, it is also a quite varied album up to a point being a little incoherent. The production is good and the sound works well with the kind of songs that are on this album, sort of alternative pop or something in that fashion can be said. I think bensh sound very much like Bob Dylan in his vocal works and he seems to be inspired by said relic when it comes to the songs as well. The album has thirteen tracks and it is 45 minutes long, it has an interesting an quirky cover artwork which go well with the music on the album.

To answer what I asked before I say no, it is not an album that I will bring with me from 2011. It could have been though, the songs are certainly quirky and exciting enough, the problem is just that the singer is so terribly bad that it makes my stomach turn at times, at other times it is bearable but nothing more. I think it is sad that this guy goes in the same trap as many other alternative bands I have heard by having a terrible vocal part on the album but they might think it is the alternative way to have a singer who has no clue about how to sing well. Then there is the possibility that the guy is this great and clever song writer who just does not have any kind of self critique when it comes to his own vocal work but if I was him I would have cried big tears every time I heard this album because I would have ruined it with horrific vocal work. It is still a good album I would say but it could just have been so much better had the vocals been just slightly decent.

So, I have put a lot of time and effort into reviewing this album but it can actually all be said in just one sentence: the music is good and sometimes brilliant but the vocals are terrible and ruins what could have been a fantastic album.


Label: Odd One In/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Bob Dylan/Beatles/The Cars
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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