Beggars & Thieves
We are the Brokenhearted

1. We Come Undone
2. Oil & Water
3. Innocence
4. Never Gonna See You Again
5. Beautiful Losers
6. Seven Seconds
7. Stranded
8. Wash Away
9. Midnight Blue
10. We Are The Brokenhearted

Louie Merlino: Vocals
Ronnie Mancuso: Guitars
Erik Gloege: Drums
Blake Newman: Bass

Beggars & Thieves (1990)
Look What You Create (1997)
The Grey Album (1999)
Stone Alone (2010)
Come Christmas Time (2010)



Released 2/12-2011
Reviewed 3/12-2011


American band Beggars & Thieves are back with a new studio album after following their EP and Christmas album that they have released in 2010 following their new start. It is their fourth album discounting the EP and Christmas offering. It seems like many think this band deserved a breakthrough that they never really got, and in a sense they are a quite typical Frontiers band having broken up an reunited much like most of the bands on that label and nothing bad in that, not at all. This new album has a cliché kind of name for the melodic rock genre, the cover art is not particularly interesting either and the same goes for the press information that accompanies the songs. I would say that they do not really do the best job selling this album but the selling of this album can also be done by the music and that is what I am to look at right now.

It is melodic rock music we are talking about here, some reviewers like to call it AOR which I can subscribe to as well. The vocalist is not the standard AOR vocalist with super clean high pitched vocals but rather a more typical rock vocalist with energy and passion in his voice. The songs are quite diverse in style where some are powerful rockers while other take a little more downplayed tone, the choruses are also slightly dissimilar in the fact that they are not repeating them many time as is often commonplace in the AOR genre in stead they are starving their listeners of those choruses but they are rather catchy in their appearance still. There are ten tracks on the album otherwise and they play for about 44 minutes if you play through them all once. I think the production and sound is what it is, the sound is not overly amazing but it works as it is both modern and rocking rawly classical at the same, you could say about it that it is not overly impressive but it does its job.

I would say that this album is very good, it has two brilliant tracks in track five and track seven Beautiful Losers which is aimed at us here at Hallowed along with you our readers as we are what they say and then we have the even better Stranded which has a brilliant chorus that isn’t being repeated too many times which makes it great. These tracks are two of the best I have heard this year and the opening track along with track four which are two other really good tracks and the album goes on in that fashion with very good tracks almost all way through. Unfortunately there are some slight drawbacks, when the band makes it calm their music fails quite miserably and becomes incredibly boring, like in the track called Wash Away which is a track I think they should have flushed down the nearest toilet rather than putting it on this album. Still, those niggles are very small in the grander scheme of things so the album ends up being really good no matter these dull tracks.

I would say that they have done a good job in their begging and thieving for this album as it ends up being a really well composed and interesting album, not really amongst the very best of the year despite those great tracks that can be described as a musical kick in the nuts, you have to take notice, the way that they don’t repeat the choruses also makes the album much better with a great chorus being repeated very few times so that you will to tire of the songs in a hurry. The steel guitar of Stranded is also a brilliant touch to that song which is one I will listen to many times still.

So, Beggars & Thieves, despite the silly name and the rubbish album title this is a very good album that will keep many fans of melodic rock happy for a long time. I would say that it is an enjoyable album with mostly great tracks, the few poor parts of this album is not that bothersome and they do not matter that much to the complete picture, it is a great collection of loot.




Label: Frontier Records
Three similar bands: The Magnificent/Mecca/Fergie Frederiksen
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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