Bad Habit

1. In The Heat Of The Night
2. Words Are Not Enough
3. Every Time You Cry
4. I Wanna Be The One
5. I’ll Die For You
6. Angel Of Mine
7. Fantasy
8. We Are One
9. Only Time Will Tell
10. Break The Silence
11. Save Me
12. Catch Me When I Fall
13. Without you

Bax Fehling - Lead vocals
Hal Marabel - Guitars, keyboards
Sven Cirnski - Lead guitar
Patrik Södergren - Bass
Jaime Salazar - Drums

Above And Beyond (2008)
[hear-say] (2005)
Adult Orientation [re-visited] (2005)
Revolution [r.e.d.u.x.] (2003)
13 Years of Bad Habit (2000)
Adult Orientation (1998)
Revolution (1995)
After Hours (1989)


Hal Marabel (production)
Jonas Reingold (Mix)

Released 21/1-2011
Reviewed 16/2-2011


Bad habit, it's what this band from Sweden named themselves, and it was based on the bad habit of listening to Endstille, pulling the tails of beavers, smoking, drinking too much alcohol or eating fire, you’ll have to guess for yourselves which one they meant ‘cause even if I know the answer I would not tell you. This new album is called atmosphere and I say that it is new so that you should know that they have done more, as a matter of fact they started all the way back in 1987.

It is all about striking a chord both musically and emotionally is what is stated in the promotional info and that sure is a given and music like the one Bad Habit play tend to strike their chords quite well quite often. And the music I speak of there is of course the melodic rock/hardrock that is by some called AOR or something in that fashion. It is talking guitars, high pitched clean vocals, distinctive choruses and a crystal clean production that mark the music that Bad Habit make. The focus seem to be to deliver music that strikes that chord and that etch itself into the mind of the listener as fast as possible.

Listening to the opening track In the Heat of the Night I am inclined to say that they succeed quite well with that, it is a hit song that set the tone high for the following album with its great chorus and fantastic melodies. That opening track is a great track, not only to open an album with but as a track standing on its own. There is really only one problem with this album following this opening track and that is that it is not that unique, not that different from the genre it is in. The main problem of this record is that it is a bit typical for the genre, but when you are listening to it you are quite quickly forgetting that it is like that because it is so well made that sometimes you almost get tears in your eyes.

The second track Words are Not Enough is another hit song that takes it up where the opener left off and then track four is a real rock anthem called I Wanna be the One, a real arena rock song that would lift a whole stadium I think. Following that one is the great I’ll Die For You and it goes on like that with most of the tracks really. All the way to the end it keeps going with one amazing song after another all the way to the last track called Without You which is a great song to end with, one of the best on the album and a track that leaves you wanting to return to this album as soon as possible. That is a great way to end an album so not only do they start right, they end right as well.

Everytime I listen to this album I am impressed by how well made it is, how clean the sound is, how well the singer is performing, how good the guitars are, how great the overall feel for it is, I am a bit let down by the feeling of it being a bit unoriginal but that is just a small feel and when I listen to the album and the songs sticks to my mind like they had been glued there with the greatest glue ever it is easy to forget that and just blindly giving away a fantastic rating. I however try to always remain balanced and admit that even if it is a really great album with great songs, it is not that fantastic or amazing, it has a lot but it lacks a little bit in identity and there are better bands out there.

Nevertheless, I can keep on listening to this album time and again and not get tired of it still as it is such a great album and those songs are just there and they stick to your mind and remain there even after the album is done. I think that Bad Habit succeeds really well in making an album where the word bad really has no place, but naming a band Habit would be a tad odd and a really poor name really.

I do not think this album will eradicate any of whatever bad habits I have and nor will it change my atmospheres but it will brighten any bad day with this great and positive music that is so easy to listen to and easy to like but at the same time very difficult to be bored with. If they could find a little bit of identity in their music I would be overjoyed. Nonetheless, no matter what shortcomings the band has, they at least strike that chord and they strike it in the best possible way.


Label - AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Tre liknande band - Million/TNT/Toto
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm