Music of Light

1. Music Of Light
2. On Flaming Wings
3. Raise Your Cups
4. My Dear Friend
5. World Of Hatred
6. Dark Red Desire
7. Midwinter Nights
8. Till Death Do Us Apart
9. Ruined Castle
10. A Stranger's Story

Carina Hanselmann - Vocals
Anastasia Schmidt - Guitar
Lisa Marie Geiß - Bass
Lena Yatsula - Keyboard
Ines Thomé - Guitar
Till Felden - Drums


Mastering by Sascha Paeth and Michael Rodenberg
Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund /Darkgrove Design

Released 30/9-2011
Reviewed 7/9-2011


A band named Arven, that does not bode well since that feels kind of referring to the character with roughly the same name from The Lord of the Rings crap. Melodic metal and something that might be interpreted as fantasy inspired, not Rhapsody or any of those annoying bands again. That was what I thought but at the same time my curiosity was spiked thanks to the many girls on the cover, only one ugly guy is in this band and he plays the drums, the rest is girl stuff. That is always much more interesting, at least before you hear the music.

The music on the debut album by this German band is female fronted melodic or gothic metal, add to that some symphonic and folk music elements and you have a decent picture of what you can expect. You can hear strings and an operatic singer and I can count bands I know that is female fronted and similar but I would say think early Nightwish up to about Wishmaster, that would be the band reference that most of you would be able to refer to. Production of this album is immaculate, the sound is clean and spotless and the soundscape just begs to tell stories in songs. Speaking of songs, I would say that there are ten tracks on this album and if I time it I notice that it will take about 51 minutes to play them all.

The title track is the track opening this album and the first thing we hear are some really nice violin parts before we embark on the journey that is the music of light. It is not music made of light but music that brings light I would say, the feel is positive in tone and the opening track sets the tone a little too well I would say as no other track in of that level but the other nine tracks are good as well. Folk-inspired metalised drinking song Raise Your Cups is a track well worth mentioning. Midwinter Nights is a track that will be oh so familiar for all of us here in the north soon, with winter comes dragons around the corner and this is a song on a theme all of us know all too well, I think the hunters ought to focus on dragons rather than bears if I was to decide. The ballad Till Death Do Us Part is really good as well, and the ending A Stranger’s Story is worth mentioning even if I feel it ends a bit too uptempo for me to be really pleased with the ending. I think they could have put another song as ending and had another track of the same caliber as the title track and I would have to throw out the really high scores again.

Of the fact that this is a debut is there no trace at all, it sounds like this band really know what they are doing. They are skilled in their music, the song writing holds a high standard, they have a really good singer, I think they have more or less everything going for them, I mean the singer is a redhead (I think), that’s just great. Thing is though, that there is really nothing of consequence to find that is not good with this band and I believe it is a band that has the potential to be really interesting a few years down the line, their debut promises a lot at least.

I would say that there is no real reason not to check out Music of Light, especially if you like female fronted metal.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Edenbridge/Nightwish/Indica
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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