E - Part Four of H.A.T.E

1. 7 Miles Wide
2. The Garden
3. If I Had a Man
4. Lower Case Letters

Jessica Åhman : Vocals
David Lidell : Guitar
André Berntsson : Guitar
Andreas Tiberto : Keyboard
Alexander Bringsoniou : Bass, Chapman Stick
Sven Funseth: Drums

Black Morning Sun (2011)



Released 1/12-2011
Reviewed 10/12-2011


Yesterday it was love and today it is hate, or L.O.V.E and H.A.T.E as it is with EPs of one letter makes up the complete word, one is pop music from Sofia Talvik and the other is metal versions of Sofia Talviks songs, I think you can guess which is which. Ending the metal EPs is Akribi, a Swedish progressive metal band according to the information accompanying the music promoted to us. Akribi is how the greek word akribeia is used in Swedish, it of course means strikt adherence which is often in Sweden used in Science, akribi is a must for scientific reports. I would say that it is quite a clever name for a band playing a little more advanced form of heavy metal. This band did release their debut album earlier this year, an album we here at hallowed did not have the fortune to get but there is a video of a song from that album in this review which is a song I did not particularly like to be honest but that is not really enough to say anything about their first album or their skills as musicians. This EP called E is not one of their own songs, but Sofia Talviks pop songs from the EP with the same name more or less.

Musically I would say that on all accounts this is the metal version that is the most similar to the original versions, not only is it female fronted but the songs are not destroyed by boring metal riffs, the original melodies are very recognisable all the way through which is a difference from the earlier metalised versions which was mainly over riffed which made them quite different from the original songs. Sure they have added some distorted electric guitars and there are some riffs added as well but in most respect Akribi’s versions feels quite a lot like metal versions of Sofia Talvik’s originals. Sure they have some own touches as well, like some strange growly vocals in the first song and some soloing and sounds that we haven’t heard in the songs Sofia performed on her version of E, these are quite small however so they not that easily audible at casual listening. Akribi’s E is half a minute longer than Sofia’s at sixteen and a half minute playing time. The songs are of course four like all earlier versions and like the original E.

I would say good about this EP and the best one by the metal bands which may be because it is the only one that isn’t ruining the songs by making them decent heavy metal songs at best or making them poor heavy metal songs at worst. Akribi seems to honour the original melodies and metalise them in a very good way, quite a melodic brand of heavy metal which it usually tends to be when they have a female singer. The second song In the Garden is better than the song by Sofia I think, the first on 7 Miles Wide is much worse and the ending track being the best on the EP is not better than the original song by Sofia but still a very good song.

One problem for this band at this EP I would say is the female singer, she does alright but she is not particularly good to be fair and that is a slight letdown for this EP but not a big one. The strange growls in the first track is another thing that isn’t particularly good, in fact it is completely unmotivated and bad, but other than that there is nothing to complain about with this EP, it is well made, it has a good sound and the original feel of the songs is kept making this EP a great metal version of Sofia’s pop songs.

I think that in the end the L.O.V.E kicks the shit out of the H.A.T.E but the last letter is quite even and hat the quality been similar in the earlier metal versions it would have been another matter. Akribi does without a doubt the best part of the H.A.T.E and with that they also end that project in a very good way and also makes the overall feel of that part of the project a decent one. And with this EP the project is finalised and I would say that it ends in a great way and it has been an interesting project to follow, one thing to think of for next time would be to have better bands doing the metal versions because I think at least one of them really were sub-par and the three first parts were much more similar than Sofia’s were which is strange because they were made by three bands and not one artist. Anyway, hats off for Akribi, a great finish to this project, well done.



Label: Makaki Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Sofia Talvik/G.A.I.N./Ball of Mayhem
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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