We Live in Trenches
Modern Hex

1. White Knuckles
2. Vatican Strap
3. Deported
4. I Owe My Soul
5. Modern Hex
6. Black Friday
7. After Dark
8. People Vs. People
9. Male Damage

David Augustsson - drums
Robert Samsonowitz - guitar
Ulf Stöckel - vocals
Anna Knutsson - Bass & Vocals

Modern Hex Vinyl (2009)
Autonomy Clinic (2008)

Saxophones on ‘After Dark’ by Petter Findin.

Produced by We Live In Trenches and Oskar Karlsson. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oskar Karlsson at Artisten, Gothenburg, 2009.

Released 2010-10-25
Reviewed 2010-10-04

suicide records

This band lives in the dirty trenches with bullets and grenades flying all around them, which is why they did not manage to make anything interesting for a record cover, just something blues with text on it. That is not something I call an interesting record cover and most likely nothing that sells the record.

Musically they sound more or less live they have been making their music in the trenches as it sound like recorded amongst flying bullets and grenades. Soundwise it has a punkish cheap feel to it which might be why their home page refer to themselves as a Swedish punk band.

I think creatively they have something going for them, at times anyway. I think the opening track called White Knuckles is a good one, then following that one comes nothing of interest whatsoever. It is a rather boring record to be honest.

I think it is really nothing to have this record as it feels cheap, dull, soundwise it feels unfinished or amateurish. I think the whole experience with this record is one of a cheap and dirty records. Both the cover and the music feels like they have been made by a three-year old or something similar.

This record is called Modern Hex but there is really nothing modern about it, it feels old and cheap to be honest and it is really a record that I cannot recommend and frankly I have a hard time seeing that anyone can like something like this. It is a boring record that I will not play now that I have had it written away.


Label - Suicide Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - //
Rating: HH
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm