Violent Divine
Release the Hounds

1. Nitro
2. Welcome To The Divine
3. Burn
4. Retribution
5. Sweet Blood
6. Until Death
7. For The First Time
8. Asleep
9. One By One
10. Eternity
11. Get It All Out
12. Bleed Like Me
13. Release The Hounds
14. This Heart Is About To Be Broken

Mike - vocals
Q - guitar
Klaus - bass
Gus - drums

Violent Divine (2006)
In Harm's Way (2009)



Released: 11/3-2010
Reviewed: 26/4-2010


Last time I got records from Swedmetal it was a trio where this one was a record, the other two records were by Greed and Steevi Jaimz. In this trio this record was easily the best one, no doubt about that, thing is that it will not be any real problem to be much better as those two records were not really that impressive. How good this record was you will get to know if you read further in this review.

Musically this is rock’n’roll as it once was supposed to be, dirty, heavy, powerful and with lots of attitude. And to further establish this the production is made to really suit this musical thing, which of course means that rather than a crystal clear and clean production this record has a more dirty style. Attitude seems to be the motto for this band, if one would like to be a bit funny one could call this attitude rock but that is of course something I will not do as I am always dead serious and objective.

As a fan of good and clean productions and a little more advanced kind of music, attitude music don’t really appeal to me. However, this music works rather well and already from the opening track Nitro, the feeling for this record is rather good and it remains that way throughout the record. Sure there are no real hit songs through the record or not really any peaks but a solid high level throughout the record.

The last track is very good though but that cannot really be categorised as a hit song as it is not that kind of song, it is more of a semi-ballad kind of thing or midtempo whatever word you feel is most adequate. So the ending is really interesting and good actually

So with a trickery this band is trying to earn a higher score by playing out their top card at the end but as an experienced reviewer I can clearly say that this hasn’t effected my opinion of this record at all. Sure it is always good to leave a record with a positive feeling but the rest of the record has to be up to it as well. Surely the tracks on Release the Hounds are quite good but not top notch, still I think fans of this kind of rock music might really enjoy this but I find it good but nothing really overwhelming if I say so.

In the end I feel this is a good record, and it probably is a good driving record if I hadn’t already Her Bright Skies and The Birthday Massacre as my primary driving record I might have considered this. Still fans of rock’n’roll that has attitude and is dirty will probably like this, I have nothing really negative to say about it either; well, if you ask, the name is rather ridiculous, but that is all the complaints I have and that can surely not be too bad.


Label - Swedmetal Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm