Kiss of Life

01. Into The Wild
02. Kiss Of Life
03. One Of A Kind
04. Staring At The Sun
05. Too Young For Wings
06. Another
07. Headlights
08. Hearts Of Glass
09. Stay With Me
10. Wonderland
11. What It Takes
12. Sos

Nick Workman: vocals
Tom Martin: guitars
James Martin: keyboards
Dan Chantrey: drums



John Greatwood (producer)
Dennis Ward (master)

Released 3/12-2010
Reviewed 23/11-2010


Another debut to review this week, the second one of two. This time however, the debuting band consists of people with long time experience of making music in the genre, all with well known bands as well, if you check out the Frontier website and look this record up you will probably know which bands as well. I don’t think I need to write them down here as all you need to know is that even if it is a debut it is one by experienced musicians.

As you can see from the label it is a melodic rock album, maybe you could even state that it is one album within the subgenre that is usually called AOR. If you want a band standing close in style I would probably think Journey is the closest one, at least it is the first one I think of. There is a difference though as the production is much more modern, the sound is cleaner and the songs have a more modern touch to it, but you might say that this band sounds like Journey would have sounded if they started out today. With that I want to say that this is übermelodic rock with powerful choruses, it is easy accessible with the straightforward music style and distinct choruses. It is all done with much emphasis on melody and choruses, of course helped by atmospheric keyboards to add more to the melodic touch.

This track contains of twelve tracks and clocks in at just above 52 minutes which is a bit on the long side for any record and in the case of this genre I think the vinyl record length would be ideal so 52 minutes is a bit on the long side just looking at the time. I will get to what it means for this record later. It also has a rather dull and dreary looking record cover which don’t really say anything, which I think covers should, think of V by Symphony X for one, and than compare that one to Sabotage by Black Sabbath which is the worst cover ever. This is in the middle I think, it is not ugly in itself, it is just dull and I think records should have nice looking covers to spice things up a bit. Then again, it is not really the exterior that is really under the microscope here today, it is what is on the record not the cover or the booklet.

The record starts with a track called Into the Wild which kickstarts the record with energy and powerful chorus as well as it is a really good track. Then the record moves on to the title track which is a powerful rock song with a really good chorus and it is one of the best two songs on the record, a second place I would say. The best track is the one that comes at seventh place and is called Headlights which has a really good chorus mainly, but also a really nice melody. Besides these said tracks there are nine more tracks which are all very good tracks and complement these hits really well and they make the 52 minutes of music feel a bit shorter than that even if 52 minutes still is a tad long.

Other than the stupid complaint about the time there are not really that much to complain about, other than maybe that the singer at times has a bit annoying voice but that is not really that bothersome and I said it just because I had no other complaints about this record. It is really an excellent record with great songs and great sound and everything, the experience of these guys can really be heard throughout the music.

Vega make a really great record in Kiss of Life and if this is the first one, what does the future hold for this band when the debut is one flawless record?


Label - Frontier Records
Three similar bands - Toto/Journey/W.E.T.
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm