Unlit Face
My Seasons

1. My Seasons
2. Wrong Enemies

Rafael Basso – Vocals
Ralph Karam – Guitars
Jimmy Lindeman – Bass
Rob Degén – Drums



Production, mix and mastering by Andrei Targino and Victor Hugo Targino

Released 2010
Reviewed 19'/4-2010


A while ago a guy named Rafael Basso (I think) mailed me and asked if we could not review their demo called My Seasosn. He also gave us some praise saying our site had a quality feel or something in that fashion, and I of course replied that we will review their record, I did not point out that praising us don’t affect the ratings as he ought to know that by himself as we are professionals and cannot let us be affected by kind words even though it is always good to hear.

I had my wonders before I listened as it is a demo, the sound might be not very good (note the deliberate bad English there, I have no idea why I wrote it though) as I have found with many demo records I have heard. This record however has a production that sounds professional and well made, it has a good balance between the elements in the band’s music.

Musically they feel a bit rooted in the darker metal, not necessarily the extreme side even though there are some elements of that in their music as well. It sort of borders on the gothic and rock kind of music, hard to really describe what it sounds like, when I checked I believe you could hear them on their myspace site so when you have read this you can look up that one.

It might be hard to put a genre on this, or at least a subgenre, I call everything rock or pop on my portable music player so I never have any problem with genre as it is all rock here. I know however that I do enjoy listening to the two songs on this record, especially the first one that is the title track. This track opens with the nice use of the stereo effect in the music and then it carries on really well all the way through this track.

The second track is not quite as good as the first one but it is a good track and combined these two tracks reveal that this band has a bit of diversity in their minds when it comes to music. For me this appears to indicate that there is enough music in these guys to make a full length album in some quality, I estimate that the band’s debut has the potential to reach a five H-rating at least, that provided of course that they stay on the path they marked with this demo.

However, maybe you shouldn’t really listen to what I say as I guesstimated Takida way wrong some years ago, they have become rather successful in Sweden and I said that they could never get anywhere, granted I still think they shouldn’t have. This was only written to prove that my predictions might be off at times.

Unlit Face is a positive note and I really debated if I was to give this a four or a five but ultimately decided on the lower rating with a small margin.


Label - Demo
Three similar bands - In Flames/Crematory/Paradise Lost
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm