1. Sulphurblooded
2. Dead All Thing Will Be (Part I)
3. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
4. Pale Rider - Pale Horse
5. Become An Opponent
6. Sound Forth The Trumpet...That Shall Never Call Retreat
7. Invictus
8. Dead All Thing Will Be (Part II)
9. By The Seventh Spell - A Blackthrash Symphony
10. Deine Waffen zu meinen Füßen

BLASPHERION: Guitar & Vocals
RAPTUS: Lead Guitar & additional Vocals

Inferno (2005)
Eldest Born Of Hell (2007)
Death Consecrates With Blood (2009)

Produced by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studio

Released 21/9-2010
Reviewed 24/9-2010


Unlight? Is it the opposite of light? Guess the name darkness was taken. Another thing that comes to mind is, how do you measure unlight? Anti-lumen perhaps? Maybe something else, one thing that is for certain though is that Massacre Records calls this the most uncompromising German black metal band, which may or may not be true.

First thing that strikes me is that the cover is rather unoriginal for the genre and musically it is more of the same, unoriginal, unlight, unfunny, dark and serious that is for you who do not understand the unspeak of some black metal bands. It is massively heavy and brutal with thrashing dark riffs and heavy dark growling that “crowns” the music. Massacre are absolutely right when they speak of uncompromising, that is what the band can put out on their CV or something like that anyway.

Uncompromising black metal is not really my genre, well not my genre at all to be honest. Although the opening title track is okay, it sounds rather decent all the way through and I get some hopes for the rest of the record. However, it is all downhill from that point, the rest of the songs merge together into some immovable distorted pile of riffs, blastbeats and whatever else that is usually present in the genre. So it starts well and does not end as well, which is always a pity.

To be honest, it is not much at all that is positive about this record, the first track as I said is alright, then comes just nothing and then it ends, fortunately it does not take too much time before it ends.

I must issue something of a reservation though: I am no fan of black metal, or extreme metal for that matter even though I do like some of it, this particular genre does not speak much to my sense of good music so for you who like the genre much, don’t take my word for it completely, but as far as I know even though I might be a bit harsher than a black metal fan it is quite average for the genre.

So without further ado I pass my judgement which is: this record is boring.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Unleahed/Nile/Endstille
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm