Unherzlich Willkommen

1. Sünder vor dem Herrn
2. Die Bestie
3. Zwanzigzehn
4. Therapie
5. Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden
6. Amok
7. Dem Tod so nah
8. Verschenkte Jahre
9. Inferno
10. Unherz

Felix – Gesang und Gitarre
Andy – Gitarre
Locke – Bass und Gesang
Bogi – Schlagzeug


Produced by Gerhard Magin

Released 27/8-2010
Reviewed 11/8-2010


Its been a while but now it is once again time to sink my teeth into a band that sings their lyrics in the German language. I tend to find it funny with bands that do this thing, maybe because of the novelty of it here in the cold north or maybe just because German is a great language to sing in, I do believe the first explanation is the most likely.

Musically we have rock’n’roll with loads of energy but also melodies, a little punkish sound could be considered an appropriate description. Unherz also have lyrics that reflect on the society they have around them which is kind of punkish as well. They sing about all kinds of things like monsters or the world cup of football and so forth. The production is very polished but at the same time quite rough and with emphasis on strong melodies it seems. It would also appear that the band focus on their choruses which are quite powerful.

I like this record, it works well for many occasions like one of my most done things which is driving, its good driving music but also very good when doing repetitious tasks like most work in society. All in all a good record to have when you are doing something. There is a small catch though, it is not that good to just sit down and listen to, it is not a listeners album perhaps.

Still though it is a fun and great album and it works well for most situations and of course they sing in German which is always a plus.

My favourite tracks on the record to abruptly change the subject, is number four and number three which actually do suite listening to in any situation. The rest of the tracks will not stand as scrupulous inspection under the microphone though, even though they work quite well as well; see how I use repetition to bore the reader here.

In the end though, this is a fast flowing catchy record that works well for driving which is good enough for me as I drive a lot. I would buy this record had I had the time to listen to any music other than the one I am reviewing, I recommend that you buy it in my place, you will not be disappointed, especially not if you enjoy party music as this could also be considered as.

Unherzlich Willkommen says the band.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Die Toten Hosen/Böhse Onkelz/Frei.Wild
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm