Trigger the Bloodshed

1. A Vision Showing Nothing
2. De-Breed
3. Hollow Prophecy
4. Dead Vein
5. Dethrone
6. A Sterile Existence
7. The Soulful Dead
8. Until Kingdom Come
9. Whited Sepulcher (bonus track)

Jonny Burgan - Vocals
Rob Purnell - Lead Guitars
Martyn Evans - Guitars
Dave Purnell - Bass
Dan Wilding - Drums

Purgation (2008)
The Great Depression (2009)



Released: 24/5-2010
Reviewed: 7/5-2010


Some guys trying to look the part seems to want to trigger some sort of bloodshed with a fair deal of degeneration. One may wonder though, what kind of bloodshed there is to be triggered. The bloodshed of the degeneration of the musical scene, they make such bad music that the musical scene as a whole is degenerating, more or less.

Musically they are hard and heavy, brutal and such. The music is dark, heavy, fast with guttural brawl as singing, with blastbeats and slamming guitars and whatever. They fill the quota of what this genre is all about, they are brutal and ugly and they try to make music that triggers bloodshed.

I do not like this record at all. The thing about very brutal music is that it tend to just blend together and become a mass of sounds and stuff which of course is nothing but sleepyfying (I always enjoy making up new words). I try to give this a chance and just it just makes me bored, I just find my self either falling asleep or my mind starts wonder away to other things when I listen to this record. It is not a good record.

One positive thing though is the fact that this record is not too long, it reaches somewhere around 40 minutes. That fact is good as this record would have been torture if it would have been allowed to continue for longer. And as you all know, torture is not allowed according to the United Nations so I guess they had to limit playing time.

Anyways, the thing is that this record is poor at best and useless at worst. I cannot recommend this record to anyone as it is a really bad record.


Label - Rising Records/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Aborted/Killing Mode/Misery
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm