The Way of Purity

1. 23rd Circle Breeds Pestilence
2. Lycanthropy
3. Anchored to Suffocation
4. The Rise of Noah
5. Loyal Breakdown of Souls
6. Sinner
7. Egoist
8. Deathwish
9. Burst
10. Pure

Betty (V)
Deathwish (G)
Withoutaname (G & V)
Jeffery (B)
Wallofdeath (D)
Lostmyfaith (Kb & V)
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Released 3/9-2010
Reviewed 2/10-2010


When new labels come, it usually mean we get the chance to hear some new and experimental music come forth. So, here are the new Swedish label The Trip with one of their very first albums and my expectations were pretty high on hearing something that other labels didn't dare to release. And that may very well be the case, but not for the reason I had hoped because if there is a reason for not releasing this it would be that it's so fucking bad!

I will not jump too far ahead, lets take his from the beginning. The Way of Purity is a death metal band with large influences of hardcore and pure metal core or massacre death, or what the hell do I know - the kind of music where blastbeats and braindead head banging. Mostly I would say it's death, but there is a touch of melodiosity and actual musicality. But as the band just starts to get a bit interesting, they throw in all this aggravating hammering obstacle that prevents the music to come forth and ruins all the fun that can be traced somewhere in between all the shit.

Anchored to Suffocation is probably the best example of how they are ruining the album. It's a different song, probably the only thing maintaining the interest during the first half of the album. But it's the only song that isn't ruined by pneumatic drilling. It's not that I necessary don't like metal hammering, but when it's made as clumsy and shabby as this and don't fit with the music at all, then it's only annoying. The Way of Purity do make a lot of things very good, so why do they throw it all away by not pushing it all the way through? One thing is the problem - they make everything to be heavy and not everything to be good.

On the myspace page for the band, on the webpage of the label and in my information sheets - it say that the band "doesn't show off with smart or cool band members. No names, no fancy photos, no effigy, no trendy musical influences an no nationality" and so on. The problem is that they contradict every single thing they say they doesn't. The band name exist and the members names are very uncool (Lostmyfaith, Withoutaname, Deathwish and Wallofdeath for example), the photo exist and on it they are dressed up with robbers hoods and military clothes. Musical influences exist clearly, why else would they be so possessed to play half melodic death metal loaded with hardcore or metal core? And what the hell do they mean when they say there's no way to talk or get to know the band? Why the hell do they have a fucking myspace then!?

'Crosscore' is just a big pile of unstructured music from pretty much anywhere that need to be straighten out. The music is really good in two or three songs, when they chose to more or less concentrate on only one music genre instead of infinite. But sticking to only one genre it seems that the band never really can, but at least theres less of everything else and more concentration on one genre. Two or three songs, however, is not enough to save this album. No, if any, that only makes me more pissed off at the band for showing that they obviously can do good music, but apparently make the choice to waste that talent on making this Hungarian gulyás. There's some meat, some soup, some vegetables, some beans, some bread, some spices, some potato, some... well, some of every- and anything and it absolutely doesn't work!

The Way of Purity - no thank you!


Label - The Trip Records
Three similar bands - Clawfinger/Benighted/Foobar the Band
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm