The Retaliation Process

1. Uprising
2. Blindfolded
3. Four Seasons Of Self Mutilation
4. Bridge End...
5. ...Prozac
6. Carnal Addiction
7. Down
8. On The Way Back
9. Written In Red Ink
10. Uncertain

Jury Kowalczyk: Lead Guitar
Sascha Maskow: Lead Guitar
Andre Kummer: Drums
Michael Konecny: Bass
Christoph Madarasz: Lead Vocals



Eike Freese (prod.)

Released: 26/2-2010
Reviewed: 6/3-2010


Well, now where did I place that chainsaw? It’s been a while since I had needed to saw body parts of bands but this record is definitely so bad that it deserve a good going over with the chainsaw. Come to think of it, I think I will need the entire toolbox for this one.

Musically this sounds kind of like drilling into a hard concrete wall with a hammer drill with the small drill thing being very unsharp making the process very difficult. That is actually what it sounds like, and as you might imagine that is not the most inspiring of sounds. I’d rather have it sound like a dead bird falling down from the sky on the head of an unsuspecting female on the streets of Philadelphia, but that is not what it sounds like, unfortunately.

I actually much rather listened to Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster which I incidentally found a need to listen to at this time and though that record sucked severely, this one was actually a billion times worse, Lady GaGa at least has some positive elements, this crap does not.

So I start by chainsawing both hands of the band, though I honestly doubt that will have any effect as the music they make hardly shows the need for any fine motor skills like you get from hands, I have no doubt this music can be played handless.

Therefore I drill a deep hole in the forehead of the band with previously mentioned drill machine thing which actually here makes a much nicer sound than it did before when I used it to describe how this band sounds. Still there is some screeches when it makes it’s way through the bone in the forehead. Then I remembered that this music does not require any intelligence whatsoever to perform so the hole and all the blood was all in vain, what a waste of a good drill. The band would actually do what they do better without any brain capacity.

But what if I saw both the legs off them then? No use either, actually they probably suck so much that you cannot really make any difference no matter what tool or chainsaw you use.

Actually this release diminishes the overall quality of the entire musical industry and the only reason to why I even give it a rating is in hope that we can keep getting records from Gordeon and Silverwolf, one of the last two we got was rather decent actually.

But in all honesty, this kind of crap should be illegal to release as it is so bad that it actually makes people, sane people, want to kill themselves.


Label - Silverwolf Productions/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Machine Head/Lamb Of God/The Haunted
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm