The Prophecy23
...To the Pit

1. B.T.M. (Brutal Thrash Maniacs)
2. From The Basement To The Pit
3. A Backpack Full Of Flashsnacks
4. Immortal Attitude
5. Mind Your Own Shit
6. Damned Souls
7. 23 Thrash B.C.
8. Modification
9. Human Decay
10. Struggle To Survive
11. Avoid Dull People
12. Surf Nazis Must Die
13. Honor.Torture.War.

Dennis Lidak - Gitarre
Florian Sanden - Schlagzeug
Hannes Klopprogge - Gitarre, Vocals
Tobias Scheid - Bass, Vocals

No Future For the Dead (2005)

Cover-artwork by Marvin Clifford

Released 16/7-2010
Reviewed 11/8-2010


German brutal thrash maniacs are coming out with their debut on a record label. Their first full length was released under own financing in 2005, and now they have done enough to merit a release on well renowned Massacre Records and we got our hands on it to say if it is any good or not.

The first thing that will strike you as a buyer of this record is the cover, it has a quite different artwork made by a well-known artist known amongst others from the Mad magazine. It is mainly white and green which might be considered a disguise from the Brutal music they say they play.

Musically it is as mentioned thrash metal, brutal such according to the promo information associated with the release. It has aggressive guitar riffing, brutal vocals and heavy drumming, well that is about it when it comes to sound.

Despite the intention to be really brutal it still has a really nice touch to it, it is nice to listen to and works well, and all this from a guy who does not really care too much about this particular genre. I was actually quite close to awarding this record with a rating of five but decided today that it was a little bit high considering my rating towards bands like Dark Angel which I really enjoyed some years ago, they are after all in the same genre.

The record starts out with BTM which should not really take too much of an effort to figure out the meaning of. It is probably the best track possible to start with as the track is good and it really grabs you as a listener and then you stay more or less in the record for the 46 minutes it keeps on going. Within those 46 minutes there is a track that is called From the Basement to the Pit which is track number two and is an excellent follower to the first one, actually they are like two adjacent parts of the same jigsaw puzzle. Then we have track eight Modification and number ten Struggle to Survive. This quartet are the top tracks on this record and probably part of why I like it as much as I do.

I was trying to figure out more clever things to day about this band but I had nothing so in the end I can only say that there was some enjoyment in listening to this record in order to be fair when writing this review. It has a quartet of really good tracks and it is a good record to listen to and even the time it goes on is not too long which is always a good thing. It seems these Germans know how to make good thrash metal.

Brutal Thrash Maniacs who are not really that brutal if you ask me but their music is very good and well worth checking out.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Dark Angel/Testament/Anthrax
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm