The Dangerous Summer
Reach For the Sun

1. Where I Want to Be
2. Settle Down
3. Weathered
4. Symmetry
5. Surfaced
6. A Space to Grow
7. Reach for the Sun
8. The Permanent Rain
9. Northern Lights
10. This Is War
11. Never Feel Alone

AJ Perdomo – lead vocals, bass
Cody Payne – guitar, other vocals.
Bryan "gluten free" Czap – guitar
Tyler Minsberg – drums

There Is No Such Thing as Science (EP 2007)
If You Could Only Keep Me Alive (EP 2007)


Paul Leavitt - producer

Released 4-2010

hopless records

Everyone knows that summers are dangerous and that if you reach for the stars the danger might be smaller. Another fun fact about such things is that this is the first album from this band who calls themselves The Dangerous Summer after a novel with the same name by some well-known author called something well-known.

Musically it is punkish rock music with clean and polished production. It is straight ahead hard rocking punkish rock music, it is cleanly produced and well-made. There is at least not much to remark about when it comes to the production side, the musical side is another thing.

This band actually plays a musical style that I tend to like a bit, not my favourite but there are some decent music made in this genre. The problem however, is that The Dangerous Summer is not one of these bands. Sure the opening of the record and the first song promises much but then as the record moves on I loose interest and becomes preoccupied with other stuff that is not this record.

So, as I do not like being bored I tend to use this record as a sort of wait for another record things, kind of like telephone waiting line music or something like that. I don’t find this record to be very interesting that is, I tend to be bored when I listen to this and that is no fun.

Sure this record is not really bad in any way, it is well produced with great sound and the songs are in no way bad, the problem is just that these songs are not at all good either. This record feels more like an exercise in pointlessness and not something that I wish to listen to.

In the end there is no recommending this record, unless you like to be bored. And on that bombshell it’s time to end the review.


Label - Hopeless Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Third Eye Blind/Bright Eyes/Jimmy Eat World
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm