The Burning
Hail the Horde

01. Godless
02. Bait The Hook
03. Flames Be Your Friend
04. Nihilist Life
05. Swing The Pendulum
06. Wolfmoon
07. Hail The Horde
08. Inverted Cross Syndrome
09. Metamorphosis
10. Baptized In Bong Water
11. Turn Or Burn
12. Disownment

Johnny Haven - Vocals
Alex Kjeldsen - Guitar
Thue Moeller - Bass
Toby Hoest- Drums

Storm The Walls (2007)
Rewakening (2009)

Produced and mastered by Jacob Bredahl
drum recordings by Tue Madsen

Released 22/10-2010
Recenserad 26/10-2010


The Danish guys of The Burning are back with their third album, the second in the last two years. This is also the second one that we in Hallowed are reviewing, we were relatively positive to the former one called Rewakening but it did not completely float my boat. So is this one any better? You’ll know in a few lines.

Musically it is heavy, based in the extreme side of things and at the same time it is rather melodic and with distinctive choruses. It is all within the same kind of music as the record prior to this one. There are some differences though, the sound is a bit cleaner but at the same time heavier, especially in the drum side of things, the distinctive drums is one of the first things I notice when I play this record.

So, is it better than the record before it? I would say that there is no doubt in my mind that it is, more or less every part of this record is an evolvement from the record before. Still I will not raise the rating from the record before as this record is not enough better than that one. Another thing forcing me to maintain the rating in the exact middle is the fact that it is too similar to the one before. I would say that the band has evolved but for me they have not evolved enough for me to be completely satisfied.

The title track of this record is a really nice piece though, a track way better than most other things I have heard from this band and a distinctive piece that really stand out from the rest of the tracks on this album. All tracks are rather good but none as good as the title track.

In the end I am finding myself not really feeling that much more positive towards this band than I did before and that is a bit sad really as I thought they showed much potential last year but it feels like that potential is not realised here. I would however say that this record is a step in the right direction and with more music like the title track this band can be really interesting with later releases.

This record is better than it’s predecessor on all parts but not enough better to win me over as a fan, though that may not be what they wanted either.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Pantera/Sepultura/Slayer
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm