Syn:drom -
With Flesh Unbound

1: Intro (devoured)
2: Scorned messiah
3: The marked one
4: Obsolete Gods
5: In utter contempt
6: Trapped beyond
7: A new world order
8: Smashing the face of belief
9: Hands of vengeance
10: Winds of disease

Jonny Pettersson - Vocals
Roger Bergsten - Guitar
David Karlsson - Lead Guitar
Daniel Mikaelsson - Drums
Daniel Åsén - Bass



The CD was recorded at Nevo studios in Sundsvall, Sweden and was engineered and mixed by the bandmembers themselves.

Released 30/4-2010
Reviewed 22/3-2010


Syn:drom is a group of guys from Sundsvall in Sweden. They are guys with an appetite for aggression it would seem when looking at the record cover. Actually I can say that I was hardly anything near interested in this record when I saw the cover which of course was squealing about some really aggressive stuff. That is of course something I am not the biggest fan of.

Musically I can also confirm that my suspicions from viewing the cover were correct. This is truly aggressive extreme metal. It is what I just wrote without compromise, the band lives out all their aggressions with this records, at least it seems that way for me. The production is also set to show just this, powerful and heavy. So really everything is set to be aggressive and extreme and heavy.

So, is any of this any good? Well, I don’t really know, honestly I don’t really like this at all, it is montone, boring and uninteresting in about that order. However, I get the impression that this is very good for what it is and honestly it is quite a bit better than most other stuff I have heard from the genre. The production is spot on to this kind of music so for what it is I think this is really good and I suspect that fans of the genre will adore this.

The rating is set to reflect that I don’t care much for this but at the same time there is potential here for those who care for this kind of music. I of course, am not one of this people, I care for melodies and variation.

In the end I think that Syn:droms aggression and compromise free extreme metal will suit the fans of that genre really well.


Label - ViciSolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Vader/Nile/Decapitated
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm