Svartby - Riv Hugg Bit

1. Dvärgby
2. Trollkarlar Av Dvärgfolk
3. Dvärgars Bastu
4. Ölfrun
5. Ensam Ensling
6. Groda, Ryttare
7. Solens Ljus
8. Kvävande Gruvor
9. Regnbågen
10. Liv Eller Guld
11. Humus
12. Riv, Hugg och Bit
13. Snubbar, Snubbar
14. Vinterkväll

Torhall - vocals, bass
Lindwurm - guitars
Giftsvamp - keyboards
Fenrir - drums

Kom I Min Kittel EP (2005)
Kom I Min Kittel (2007)
Tomte EP (2007)



Released: 8-2009
Reviewed: 20/1-2010


Russians who sing in my native tongue, Swedish that is. They also have a band member called Giftsvamp, which means poisonous mushroom, which actually is a very funny name. Svartby by the way, means Black Village which is maybe what it is.

Looking at the song titles I come to think about Finnish band Finntroll who are Finnish and sings in Swedish. The elves and fairies in the woods theme that Finntroll has also comes again in the lyrical themes of Svartby.

Musically this band also reminds of Finntroll with their folk musical style that is combined with dark black metal which means violins and folk musical instruments mixed with electric guitars and growling of a black metal singer. There is one more thing you ought to know about the music of this band: it is very difficult to hear what singer sings about. The man called Torhall has a hard time conveying his message so that anyone who listens can hear it. Maybe if you read the manual it would be easier to make out the word. One relief in this however might be that you who do not speak English may not care that much as you wouldn’t understand anyway.

Still I think the fact that the vocals are just some grunts where you cannot understand anything or make out if it is just sound or actual words is a big negative for this record. Otherwise this record has strong melodies and rather decent songs, however this darkish vocals are overshadowing these positive sides and I feel sort of betrayed by the band, they take away the parts I like about Finntroll and leave stuff that I don’t like.

I do really like Finntroll so don’t think I just give this band a poor rating because they scream and growl and are dark. The thing is that this band would benefit from being a little less dark, just the fact that you can hear the vocals of Finntroll puts them at an edge over Svartby. There is really not much that is needed in order for Svartby to reach a much higher point.

So in the end, stay clear of this black village, it is full of bad trolls and poisonous mushrooms which will kill you.

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Label - SMP/Trollzorn Prod
Three similar bands - Finntroll/Ensiferum/Thyrfing
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm