Steevi Jaimz
Glam Damnation

1. Ragamuffin
2. Dont live a lie
3. Shaken not stirred
4. Cat on a hot tin roof
5. Sorrows got me in a hold
6. Take me to the limit
7. Gods will fly
8. Talk of the town
9. One-I-romance
10. Now youre on your own
11. Rodeo
12. Kick that habit
13. Voodoo Dance

Steevie Jaimz - Vocals

Damned If I do... Damned if I Don't (2000)
My Private Hell (2009)



Released: 20/3-2010
Reviewed: 20/4-2010


Glam is not really my cup of tea, so a record with a title that contain the word glam you might understand my doubts or my reservations at least. The cover you see in the left corner is clearly not making things much better so by the looks of it, this record is quite uninteresting. The track titles clearly does not make things better so if I was to be someone who made reality of my preconceptions I might have disregarded this record immediately.

Musically this is more or less what the glam music is about with catchy choruses the typical sound with simple riffs and a somewhat dirty style just what the glam music is all about. It has a sound that sounds a bit old, kind of like the eighties glam music or something in that fashion. I wonder if this is something conscious or something that just happens due to poor production, still some songs were from the late eighties according to the tiny amount of information I was able to find about this album. Something about Swedmetal’s album, it is hard to find the information about them anywhere, they don’t even send good information with the records, still guess they just think it is all about the music.

The record starts with a track called Ragamuffin which actually reminds me of the Simpsons when Lisa asks Mr Burns about recycling and he consults his internal dictionary which seems to belong in the 19th century rather than the 20th or 21st. He finds the term Ragamuffin though. With that sidetrack concluded I state that this is a very good track and that it sets a tone for the rest of the record. This is a tone that is not kept as besides this song that has profile and style, the record is rather dreary, the songs lack character and energy and when this record end you can’t really remember any of it. I still cannot relate anything to the song titles to the left in this review even with ten plays, that is something remarkable as I usually have a good memory.

Well, really, in the end this record is more or less only useful to be played as background music at some events or something. I cannot recommend this record to anyone really, it is just too dull. And I now leave it without any lasting impression.


Label - Swedmetal Records
Three similar bands - Tigertailz/Threat/Crashdiet
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm