Lord of the Wasteland

01. Enter The Wasteland
02. Headhunter
03. Roadkill (...Or Be Killed)
04. Sentinel Hill
05. The Illusion
06. The Nightwatcher
07. Under The Scavenger Sun
08. Point of Singularity
09. Clash of the Two Tribes

Riley – Vocals
Skürk – Bass
Robby – Guitars
Oskar – Drums
Alex –Guitars



Nicko DiMarino - Producer

Released: 30/4-2010
Recenserad: 14/4-2010


Steel wings from Sweden, young guys winning some rock’n’roll competition earning them a record contract on which they now release a record, simple as that. They are also guys who are so cool and metallic that they do not even consider the possible ill effects of headbanging (says so in the info about the band), but then again who of all the rockers in the world do? Is that thing really cool and as usual they also state that this band is the best that has ever been and so on and so forth, why can’t they just state what genre the band is and which bands are close or something? I don’t need to know that this album is amazing from the label, why would I then review it if I listen to them? I know if an album is good or bad, the label don’t have a clue really.

Steelwing play a the same kind of heavy metal as the likes of Helloween or Hammerfall which of course mean melodic, fast, with high pitched vocals and catchy choruses. Not the most heavy of music that means, but fast paced with some falsetto singing and so on.

Qualitywise there is really not that much to say about Steelwing, they make high quality music, well performed and with fairly decent songs. The problem with this is that there are already a myriad of similar bands in the genre and standing out will never be easy in that kind of situation.

That is really the problem for Steelwing, they drown in the competition, they just are not unique enough. The thing is not only to make good music, you also have to make that same music unique enough to stand out from the rest of the bands in the particular genre you decide to make music in. Steelwing’s music on this record sound about like it could have been done by many other bands, or be fill out tracks on those bands records gathered in some kind of best of fill tracks compilation.

So as I stated, the problem is not really that Steelwing are bad or boring or whatever you like to place in there, the problem is that they are just not good enough. They are good but not good enough as good don’t really cut it in an overcrowded genre where many bands are good or even better.

I cannot really figure out any reason for you to buy this record, the cover looks pathetic, musically they are decent but they are also far from the top, as sleeping music there are better choices, as background there are also better choices so I just cannot figure out one single reason to get this record, unless you know the bandmembers and wish to support them out of friendship.

So in the end I recommend that you look for something less conventional and less typical than this if you are looking for something to really listen to. Steelwing falls thanks to their complete lack of imaginationan and ability to make interesting music. I’d guesstimate that in a few years time, this band might be able to make good music. Still that is something for the future to prove or disprove.

However, for my final words, I say farewell.


Label - NoiseArt Records/Triada
Three similar bands - Helloween/Iron Maiden/Hammerfall
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm