State of Rock - A Point of Destiny

1. Black & Blue
2. Without My Love
3. Heartless Dreamer
4. Dont Make Me Cry
5. Hanging In The Balance
6. Freedom
7. Count Me Out
8. A Point Of Destiny
9. Friction
10. Somewhere

Vocals: Tony Mills
Guitars: Robby Böbel
Bass: Hutch Bauer
Drums: Rami Ali




Released: 29/1-2010
Reviewed: 19/2-2010


75% Frontline and 25% Shy equals 100% State of Rock, kind of a weird equation I think cause this would not mean 100% State of Rock but then again who am I to question their calculations. These letters after the percent figures are actually the names of two ”classic” melodic rock bands, two classic bands that I have never heard of, but then again I don’t really know that much about such music anyway. The members of the bands are also from said bands, maybe even in the same setup as the percent numbers indicate.

State of Rock are musically a band that falls close to the subgenre that usually is called AOR which means sing-along choruses and very much melodies. The melodies are also what is focused on from the side of the band, another thing is of course the choruses which are very important for the band and their music on this record. The production is also clean and focuses on lifting the choruses.

There are two things that are memorable for me from this album, the first one is the part where they state that: ”this is the guitar solo” when the guitar solo of the title track begins, it is clever and fun. Then we have the absolute ending where a computer voice much like the one used by Stephen Hawking thanks me for listening to the record. Those are great and memorable parts making me more positive to this record.

There are also some great songs like previously mentioned title track and also the third track that goes under the name of Heartless Dreamer. However, these tracks are a bit alone as standouts, the rest of the tracks are not bad but they are rather uninteresting and pulls down the rating of this record a little bit. This fact cements the rating of this record in the middle part of our scale, no better no worse is my judgement of this record.

It is a rather good record but it really lacks the material to separate it from the rest of the bands in the genre. However, it is an interesting debut that promises an interesting continuation provided that the band can write and release more records.
A Point of Destiny does not really feel like a point of destiny or anything that will change the world, it is not a point of destiny, just a decent record.


Label - Metal Heaven
Three similar bands - Soul Doctor/Grimmstine/Angels of Babylon
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm