Soul Doctor - Way Back to the Bone

1. First Man on the Moon
2. Lightning and Thunder
3. Can't Stand Losing
4. Love Crashed Down (Boom Down!)
5. Times of Yesterday
6. Here Comes the Night
7. Heartache Heartbreak
8. Coming Home
9. Welcome to the Party
10. Take it While It's Hot

Tommy Heart - Vocals
Chris Lyne - Guitar
Zacky – Drums
Jogy Rautenberg – Bass

Soul Doctor (2001)
Systems Go Wild (2002)
For a fistful of dollars (2005)
Blood runs cold (2007)
That's Live ! (2008)



Released: 20/11-2009
Reviewed: 18/1-2010


Doctor of the soul? well that would be highly needed for my wounded soul, how appropriate then that my medicine for the soul is what I am going to take in after reviewing this album, the great TV-show Dead Like me. Guess I will have to finnish quickly so that I can see George, Rube and the other reapers again.

Well, back to the band, they are from Germany and plays old-fashioned melodic rock/metal music that is sometimes referred to as AOR. I have just before this one reviewed a rock band like this, Swedish band Grand Design but there is some difference between these band, Soul Doctor are a little bit more towards the more regular kind of rock music. Still with the music built around strong choruses and melodies.

For some reason there seems to be very many bands coming up within this genre these days, it feels a bit like recycling really, something I am all for when it comes to crap but when it comes to music I really think we can afford to be renewing stuff instead. However, Soul Doctor are somewhat better than the more late entries in the genre, they have ten years of creating music behind them and some known names from other bands in the band so at least they have something of their own in their music.

The record starts out very nicely with a track called First Man on the Moon which is a very good track and an opener that works fine. Later we also have a track called Can’t Stand Losing on slot three among the tracks, that one is a also an excellent track but then? Yes, then we have absolutely nothing, well we have something but the tracks are only just good or decent if you prefer that title, nothing more and certainly nothing outstanding which makes this record fall very short of outstanding.

I have no idea if this record is representative for the sound of Soul Doctor, they have however done a few records before and even if their singer Tommy Heart states that nothing the band has done is disappointing, well it is hard to be disappointed if you don’t expect anything so I am not disappointed I just think this record is far from being a very good record.

Still there are two good tracks on this record, however the other eight tracks are rather dull really. So, finally it is time to start up the Dead Like Me stuff again (well, as soon as all of this is uploaded and fixed that is).

The last part was a really stupid way to end this review which actually was rather poor, but to end a bit better: Soul Doctor really lack the soul in their music and this record feels a bit soulless (as poor endings go, even poorer really).

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Label - Metal Heaven
Three similar bands - TNT/W.E.T./Fair Warning
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm